The Day Before The Day

It’s not even a party yet. Yesterday was for quite early arrivals, today is for early arrivals. By tonight, enough people will be here to make a pre-party gathering raucous enough to be worth the effort.

That said, I need a haircut. Sure, I don’t have a lot of hair but what I do have (that isn’t on my back, arms and everywhere else) needs to be kept closely cropped for me to feel neat. The hotel only has a hair salon which tends not to be in my price range. I’m looking for a barber with a spinning pole outside and everything. That’s the only place I can get a ten minute special — Number one all the way around and shave the back of the neck. If I’m feeling spry, I’ll have the guy give me a shave but that depends on how shaky his hands are or how angry he looks.

Got to play a couple of times last night so it’s not something I feel anxious about right now. Got up early this morning and made my way down to the casino to hunt for slot machines. I found one that intrigued me and proceeded to quintuple what I’d put in. I’m a believer in winning while ahead so I cashed out and had more pocket money. Slot machines of the old school kind have gotten rarer and rare these days. Even the ones that exist, the kind with the three spinning drums, have been modernized. Many of them now can handle multiple denominations of play so no more hunting for the quarter or 50 cent section. Also, more and more slots are just confusing. I just want the thing to spin and give me money, not to play a hundred different mini-games while I’m trying to figure out how I spent $20 on one spin.

Hunting for a barber will be the order of the day as well as greeting more party-goers including some friends who’ll be getting here today. But where the hell is housekeeping? They knocked on my door ten minutes ago asking to come in but they’re nowhere to be found. I need extra soap for the bathroom — one little round bar is not cutting it for all my cleansing needs.


5 Responses to “The Day Before The Day”

  1. I hope you and Sandy have a great time this weekend!

  2. Oh, yeah, I asked Erica Scott to say “hello” to you guys for me… Maybe we can get together next weekend sometime in NYC. We’ll be there from the 8th to the 15th.

  3. Hi Rad,

    I hope everyone enjoys a wonderfully warm weekend.

    I just saw a couple of short clips from your videos on Pixie’s Previews. You look very handsome and your spanking expertise is evident. In short, your hits are a hit!

    Please give my regards to Sandy.


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