A Correction To Yesterday’s Blog

I should have made it clear that Smiling Devil was not suggesting that there should be any concerted effort to create “social services” for the shy or hapless among party goers, just that people should feel some general level of sympathy for them. Although I believe the point still stands that he believes veteran party goers should be somewhat more proactive about engaging these folks than I do.


2 Responses to “A Correction To Yesterday’s Blog”

  1. That’s fair enough. It wasn’t something that I thought about in terms of what people should do – which implies that there is somebody or some organization that somehow compells people to mix together at parties.

    The important thing is that you got an extra topic to write about for your daily blog. My work here is done. 😉

  2. Hi guys,
    A little bit of a late arrival here… as usual, I’m afraid.

    Speaking for the wallflower, and I am a very shy person, but when I go to parties, I go the extra mile to mingle, and it helps when someone introduces me to someone else — it really helps!

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