OTK Night Puts Me In A Spanking Mood

Now I’m in my element. Sure, last week’s party didn’t put me in the emotional or heady space that I would have liked to be in but now tonight is OTK Night and now y’all are in Rad country.

Rather than have the OTK Night during Labor Day Weekend, with many attendees either away for the holiday or in Vegas for Shadow Lane, Michael, the owner of Paddles, decided to move it to the lucky 5th Saturday in August. I ran the munch by myself last time and all was well. This time, my lovely wife and partner-in-crime, Sandy, will be joining me. This of course doubles the excitement and fun of sitting in a diner chewing through a Romanian steak (whatever the fuck that is). As always, discounts for the club will be presented for munch goers.

I’ve noticed the club and the New York scene trending towards a wider assortment of spanking fetish practitioners. Certainly younger folks are coming out more frequently these days so you can be among your peers if you’re in that age group or not — choice is yours. For the men out there, I’ve also been noticing more women comfortable enough to come to Paddles especially on OTK Night. I think a lot of the local parties are making people venture to Paddles more often which is a good thing. Ladies can ask my wife about the Tops and other men who frequent the place — my attentions are often elsewhere so I’m not the person to ask on that front.

Anyway, just a little announcement for the munch and OTK Night at Paddles. If you’ve been dying to come out and see what all the talk is about, what better time than tonight to do that. If not, then I hope we’ll see you at a future OTK Night so plan your NYC trips accordingly (it’s usually the first Saturday of every month — October 3rd being the one after tonight’s).


One Response to “OTK Night Puts Me In A Spanking Mood”

  1. Wish I could be there. Hope it’s a blast.

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