From The Outside

David Pierson over at Punished Brats was nice enough to send over a DVD of the videos from the shoot I did for them. Here is my initial review.

First, I’m surprised it was put together so quickly from all the bits and pieces we shot so kudos for that. The way the scenes are edited have a nice flow and utilize the multiple camera angles well.

On to the meat of the subject. My initial reaction is that I come away from the viewing mostly pleased with what I saw. I’m not saying that because I have to because if I didn’t like it, I’d just say nothing at all. I was afraid of seeing myself because I thought I’d hate what I look like. Certainly I’m probably a bit heavier than I thought I was (have to do something about that soon) and the unfortunate bout with nerves I had made my skin break out at the worst possible time (maybe use some makeup next time to cover my blemishes). Otherwise, the oddness of seeing myself wore off pretty quickly and I was able to enjoy what I was watching. I didn’t think any of them were bad though some are better than others. The first scene I did, the strapping of Pixie, came out pretty intense mostly because of her reaction to it (including tears). In my opinion, this is a great punishment scene and the kind that I personally enjoy watching on video. I’m very glad that it was edited the way it was with the viewer getting a fair amount of Pixie’s reaction because that is the thing that makes this scene terrific. I’m a sucker for reaction shots and this provides lots of that.

The other scenes: Spanking Pixie in the tennis outfit is a good OTK scene because she is doing her bratty best to match me comment for comment — good improv here. The office scene with Lilly OTK is good as well as is the one where she plays my daughter. The only thing about that is that I’m not very partial to paddles except in a school-type scene where someone is getting a set number bent over a desk or with their hands on their knees. It’s just a personal preference. I’ve saved the scene I did with Beverly Bacci for last because I want to say that what makes this scene good is Beverly, her reactions and her comments. In jazz terms, I might be the rhythm section but she is soloing.

A couple of final thoughts: I go back and forth about my looks. My wife hates it when I put myself down but I think I’m being realistic. That said, I’m not the one that is a good judge of me so I leave that to others — all I can say is that my attitude boils down to the fact that if people don’t like my looks, they can look elsewhere (unfortunately, all I can do is avoid mirrors). The reality is that most people are tuning in to see the girls anyway. The other thing that I came away with is how amused I was at my scolding and verbal additions to the scene. I think I came across as pretty scary and serious in the scene where I’m strapping Pixie which I think worked in the context of the plot. However, I found myself laughing at some of the things I was saying in other scenes because I’m noticing from the outside how sarcastic I can get.

All in all, a good experience from acting to production to viewing. I have to say that for the most part I’m quite pleased at the results.


4 Responses to “From The Outside”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it, Rad! That “camera sensitivity” will get better, I promise. 🙂 No one else sees “it” (that stuff that stands out to you so strongly), believe me. . . . .

    • I just tend to be a person that notices things one is not supposed to notice in movies and tv. I’m always sitting there paying attention to stuff in the background for some reason.

  2. I want to buy your DVD! Please send link or whatever I need to do so – I’ll bet it’s awesome, Rad.

  3. Obviously I’m biased but I thought you looked awesome. I’ve always said you should try acting in community theater because I just think you’re a natural, and combining it with what you like to do anyway just makes it all even better. Loved watching you strap PIxie; hope PIxie appeciated it, too!

    Beverly Bacci intrigued me. I loved her attitude and will have to go see some of her other stuff.

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