All Kinds Of Fiction

There’s the kind that has a beginning, middle and end — the kind I’m writing but have yet to finish. There’s also the kind of fiction that poses as truth or at least a version of the truth but is grounded in no reality that I’m able to discern. This is about the latter.

There are times I hold my tongue because I feel no need to stir the pot. However, there are times when I feel compelled to say something about a subject because I feel strongly about it.

I have only been involved in the world of spanking videos for a short time and have had a positive experience. The truth is that I’ve met and known models going back several years. I met them at parties, the club or through friends. At one time I put them on some higher level because I thought of them as celebrities and untouchable in their greatness. I imagined myself a lowly fan who these folks would not want to know. Those things could not have been further from reality. From the beginning, every single model or actress that I’ve met have been nothing if not decent people. They have been as human as any of us with all the warts and wonders that life brings to us all. I have witnessed people who are stars in my eyes act shy, shunning the glare because they feel the discomfort of being put under a microscope for something that is only a small part of what they are as people. I have been invited to break bread with folks who have made dozens of videos and who have names any spanking enthusiast would recognize. These were people who didn’t need to sit down with me or my wife and share a meal, they did because that’s what people do to those that are friendly towards them.

And that’s the key. I travel in the scene treating every person the same way I treat every other person. Someone who is a close friend is no better than someone I just met. The latter are merely those I have yet to know better. I don’t treat a model with any more reverence than I treat a person who might consider themselves “invisible”. I am no more nor any less polite to anyone (at least not intentionally so) no matter their perceived status. By that token, I go out of my way to treat models like they are people. I’m not so starstruck that I need to fawn all over anybody nor so hormonally out of control that merely seeing a video actress makes me lose a hold on reality. I treat people the way I want to be treated.

There is also a point I want to make about friends and friendship, whether it’s another party goer like me or a star. I don’t want anything from anybody. If I say hello to a model, I might harbor a fantasy of playing with them but I have zero expectation of it or desire to pursue it. Same goes with anyone. If I say hello to a female party goer, I’m saying hello and being friendly. That’s it. I’m not trying to get them to play nor do anything else — I’m just being nice because I enjoy making friends. When I say hi to a model at a party, I try my best to project a demeanor that says, “I don’t want anything from you other than a minute of your time to say hi”. Personally, I think that most of these folks appreciate being treated like a regular person every so often.

So before anyone thinks of models as being unreachable or aloof, stop to think that it just might be that they are somewhat uncomfortable under the scrutiny of the public eye.


8 Responses to “All Kinds Of Fiction”

  1. You have such a way with words, Rad.

  2. Yes – very well said.

  3. Do you have an extra pair of rose colored glasses I can borrow?

  4. They may be stars to us, but they are lacking financial recognition. If Punished Brats charges subscribers $17 a month, how much is there to pay the actresses? Sara Gregory asks for donations to pay for her travel expenses. Another actress advertised her availability for private sessions on her website. It seems the only way to do well is by being an entrepreneur – maybe Pixie has a piece of PB.

  5. ai
    ewan ..
    hehe .. :))

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