A Party Tonight & A Couple Of Other Thoughts

One of two good warm-up events until Shadow Lane is tonight. The MSA party at their secret location. Like many such events due to space restrictions, it is by RSVP only. Next week is the second OTK Night of the month at Paddles and replaces the one that will not be happening because of the Labor Day weekend and the SL-Vegas event.

I’m keen to try out my new implement tonight on any willing victims. My wife Sandy has already felt it during a practice run but I’ll be very happy to let anyone else share her pain. It’s one of those serendipitous items that one finds in vanilla life — some call them pervertables. We had a rolling desk chair at work that met with an unfortunate end. One item that separated from the rest of the chair was one of the arm rests — a piece of soft foam rubber wrapped around a metal core. It’s about the size of a small paddle and heavy. I slapped my hand and thigh with it a few times and felt the thuddiness of the item. I know that lots of people like thud so a light bulb went off in my head. I took the screws out and removed any broken plastic bits and voilà — an industrial sized slipper for the extra bad spankee. Tried it out on my wife over various layer of clothing and I must say that it left a couple of nice red rectangles on each cheek. I imagine prolonged use would eventually leave rectangular bruises but that would also depend on how easily an individual bruises. So, I’ll be bringing that tonight and giving spanking and/or demonstrations to anyone wanting to feel such an object.

One other point on a completely different subject: As a person that frequents certain areas of the old, tired Usenet, I’m still a relatively heavy user of it. However, I was recently looking up my old haunts in certain music groups and found that they have almost completely dried up. These were places where robust conversations about jazz or classical or film music took place — now, they are practically ghost towns. Yes, there are probably areas that are still frequented by the more tech savvy people who can get their own Usenet access; the science fiction groups seem to still have a large number of visitors. But as free access to the Usenet has been cut off by ISPs, the once free-wheeling wild frontier of free expression has quieted down significantly. Sad.


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