Twitter seems to be developing a rather robust community of spankos populated by people I know and some I don’t know. I’m still not sure what to make of all this.

Certainly this blog is not totally about the act of spanking but skirts around the edges to talk about the way I feel in the scene and about some of the struggles I personally go through as a member of the spanking community. I try to keep the focus somewhere in the vicinity of the spanking fetish even if I go on a tangent every now and then.

Twitter is something that I’ve been involved in for only a short time. I opened an account last year and left it dormant until a few months ago when I decided to have a go at this phenomenon. Obviously, my Radagast persona was going to be focusing its attention on the spanking world so I reached out and made a few connections which themselves begat other connections. I put up a link on the front page of this blog and then set about contributing as much as I my patience would ever allow me to. However, I find that most if not all of my “tweets” are about the rather mundane aspects of life. I don’t think I’m doing much writing about spanking at all. If anyone out there gives a shit about what I’m listening to while drinking coffee at Starbucks or the wacky characters that walk into the store, is that something I should feel flattered about or sad about on their behalf?

Sometimes I wonder if Twitter is good for anything at all. Should I merely use it promote myself? That seems a little too contrived for me. Sure I want to promote myself especially if I’m doing things spanking related but I don’t want it to seem like all I care about is Radagast, Incorporated. I sort of want Twitter to not only be about my spanko personality but about the person that I really am. The fact that I listen to Miles Davis or think horoscopes are something to mock might be pointless in the long run but I think that taken as a part of a big picture view of a particular person, help others understand what it is that makes me (or anyone) really tick. I might find out that a particular person on Twitter that I follow likes science fiction. Completely useless info until I meet them one day at a party or other function and suddenly we’re discussing the pros and cons of Robert Heinlein or neo space opera. Twitter ended up being the ice breaker and I think that’s a good social use for it.

There are times when I look at tweets that read, “I am looking at a pretty tree in my yard”, and wonder if I’m reading the diary of a learning disabled person. However and for the most part, it’s yet another window into the lives and personalities of those that I consider friend and acquaintances in the spanko world. I suppose that’s a good thing in the long run.


13 Responses to “#spanking”

  1. I tried the Twitter thing to see what it was about, but I think the answer lies within the title, TWITter. Quite frankly, no, I really don’t need to know when you hit Starbucks. Mine has been dormant for a while now because I view it the same as a cell phone, I don’t wish to be on call 24/7. That is why I don’t own a phone.

    It is bad enough trying to surf the Internet in relative peace without people ‘Spotting’ you online somewhere and deciding that you are obviously available for an immediate chat. Tried Twitter, didn’t like it!!

    • I’m sure I have ADHD so my online activity is often at a frantic pace. Twitter is sometimes a little too much for even me.

  2. I think it’s easy with Twitter to (1) follow too many people, which makes it frantic and (2) use it to promote your other online outlets. Personally, if you used it to announce whenever you had a blog post, I’d stop following you. Why? First of all, your travails at Starbucks are amusing. Second, I already read your blog regularly – that’s why I have a feed reader, to tell me when you’ve written a blog post. I don’t need for you to dedicate a twitter account to announcing it.

    Now, I know we all have different reasons for using Twitter. I can see where it would get out of hand, which is why I follow less than 40 people, and many of those people don’t update themselves – they just read. My work environment is my home, and sometimes I climb the walls wanting to socialize. (Honestly. My colleagues are 300+ miles away, we can’t chat over the water cooler.) Twitter is an outlet, since I don’t have to walk by Starbucks to and from work anymore.


  3. This might sound strange, buy yeah… I enjoy knowing that you’re enjoying a coffee at Starbucks.

    I work out of my home and on the computer 8+ hours a day. I have found Twitter a very valuable tool in many ways. Socially, being I work alone and have no other interaction with human beings (sometimes a good thing), it’s a way to have contact with the outside world. When you tweet “I’m enjoying a coffee at Starbucks” in a way, it allows me, in a way, to enjoy it with you. (And, no… I don’t need to know that you now have the urge to go to the bathroom, etc.)

    I find the phone a torture device and IM’ing has almost become that way as well. Having the 140 character limit, Twitter is short and sweet and a way to reach out to multiple people and friends of like mind at the same time. If people don’t want to read what I tweet, ignore it, or just don’t follow me.

    I have two accounts, a vanilla one and spanko/sub account, and never the twain shall meet. I have protected both accounts, people have to ask to follow me. It weeds out the spammers and honestly, people who I can care less about.

    Twitter (and Facebook for that matter) has also allowed me to connect with people I have lost touch with over the years.

    Like anything, there are bad aspects as well. But for me the good out weighs the bad.


  4. I made a twitter account to see what the fuss was all about and have to confess that I rarely go there. I can never think of anything interesting to say in the space allowed, let alone do that regularly. Conciseness is not my thing! I figure if my tweets are boring even me, then why subject anyone else to it? Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get that lightbulb moment and “get it”.

  5. Twitter might also be a great way for people to find out what’s going on, or where people are, at a Shadowlane party. I certainly don’t have everyone’s cell phone number, but by using a #Shadowlane tag, I could (theoretically) find out some of the doings (suite party, for instance) that are going on.

    I use Twitter intermittently, but when I do I find it rather fun.

  6. Doesn’t Twitter – I mean the word itself – sound like some sort of nervous tick?

    One thing I don’t like about Twitter is that when a person starts sharing, throughout the day, all the little mundane details of their life, and their thoughts and feelings, that creates a false sense of familiarity or intimacy. It used to be that these sorts of shares were reserved for the people one was closest to: spouses, close friends, and family. Now any random person with an internet connection is included in this dialogue. I find it very weird and socially confusing. I find it weird enough that I blog about personal things, VERY personal things. I still wonder if that’s a net plus for me, or whether I lose something with the sharing. But, since I am a spanko and since becoing increasingly honest and candid among the community of spankos, and since that community mostly exists online, it makes sense, sort of. You probably won’t catch me tweeting any time soon, though.

    • Anonymous Says:

      “One thing I don’t like about Twitter is that when a person starts sharing, throughout the day, all the little mundane details of their life, and their thoughts and feelings, that creates a false sense of familiarity or intimacy. It used to be that these sorts of shares were reserved for the people one was closest to: spouses, close friends, and family. Now any random person with an internet connection is included in this dialogue. I find it very weird and socially confusing.”

      I don’t understand this stand point when you blog about very personal things including your SAA and masturbating to internet porn. How is that different? At least on Twitter you can hand pick who can see and follow your “tweets” – I just don’t understand your standpoint here.

      • Yeah, it’s not a very clear distinction.

        I guess I look at it this way: on my blog, I will have a topic that I want to bring to the table for thought and perhaps some discussion. It may be a very personal topic, but it’s one that I feel is worth talking about, because, for whatever reason, it helps me to bring it out into the open. By doing so, maybe it will help somebody else, too, so that can be a plus. Those discussions can be sensitive and/or controversial (after all there is an adult content warning on the blog) but I like to think they contribute something to the greater public good.

        On the other hand, I don’t know what purpose it would serve to share with the world at large that I am at Starbucks ordering a dioppo esspresso. The only people I feel any need to share such info with are my personal friends, family, loved ones – i.e. those who need to know. Ironically, the mundane stuff is in a way, more personal, because the act of sharing it infers a need to know such things, which infers a close personal relationship. Whereas, I can talk about SAA and masturbation and spanking and porn addiction anonymously without any inference of a personal relationship to the audience.

        Does that make sense?

  7. I love thinking that ‘twitter’ might just something that is still left to actual birds. I am probably really unrealistic, though….

  8. It is rather pathetic when I am tweeting or receiving messages to my own husband … sometimes when we are across the room from each other … or when I’m in the bathroom at Starbucks.

  9. Sandy, D and I have been there, done that. It does make my head spin sometimes!

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