The Official Video Shoot Recap

With a week of frayed nerves behind me, I got in the car and made my way to the secret lair of the famous Punished Brats to live out my dream of being in a spanking video.

Update: Some photos are up on Pixie’s blog.

The day really began the previous Monday when it finally dawned on me that I would really be doing the shoot. I harbored this weird thought up until then that I would be getting an e-mail “any day” informing me that the shoot was cancelled. However, that did not happen and as the days of the week progressed, I realized that there was no escape. I spent Friday night getting my clothes together, business and semi-casual attire that I hoped would be enough. I wanted to look different enough from scene to scene so I would not be wearing the same outfit. In the end, I only wore the suit in two scenes but otherwise looked different enough. It was unfortunate that I had brought along a pair of dark khaki pants but no corresponding dark top that would go with it. Pity.

The drive was early in the day and uneventful except for the fact that towards the end, the British lady in the Garmin took me on a scenic tour of local roads rather than sticking with the highways. Even so, the travel was done in the time alloted for it so all was well. I did a quick drive-by of my destination and had enough time to go searching for a Starbucks (my landmark for civilization). Luckily, I was able to find one using the Google Maps app on my smartphone and was there rather quickly. It was actually a brand new store and very nice — I could have easily spent the day there caffeinating myself. I spent a couple of minutes checking my messages but was soon on my way to the location of the shoot.

I found a parking space in front of the massive gates of Punished Brats Film Studios and walked up to the front door. The guards must have been on vacation because the booth was emtpy so I just walked through and stood in front of the biggest set of doors I’ve ever seen. They were intimidating enough that rather than knock, I turned around and walked back to my car to wait for other people to arrive. Soon, Beverly Bacci, one of my prospective co-stars, walked up and I introduced myself. We struck up a brief conversation but soon the famous Pixie drove up and soon she was leading us through the maze of hallway, staircases and by-ways onto the main soundstage — good thing, too, because I would still be wandering around down there had I not had a guide. I was introduced to the director and other members of the crew as we sat around shooting the breeze but pretty soon the rest of the cast arrived and we were ready to go.

After a brief discussion about the way the day would be ordered, we began. The first couple of scenes were done with Beverly, Pixie and my other co-star, Lilly Page, and served as an introduction to the way these videos are shot including the mechanics of all the stops and starts associated with setting-up cameras, direction, etcetera. Then it was time for the third scene and my first of the day, heck, my first ever. I was fortunate enough to be doing the scene with Pixie and felt that her expertise in such things would help me greatly — I was not wrong about that. The scene, an uncle strapping a niece because of a babysitting malfunction, went extremely well. Not only did it go smoothly, it felt to me like a really good scene outside of rolling cameras. After it was over, there was only one thought in my head: I can now call myself an “adult video star”. I’m not sure how I’m going to work that into my resume but I’m tempted to do so.

My next scene was with Lilly and involved me doing what I think I’m best at, the “Dad” character. Lilly broke the terms of her grounding and needed to be paddled — sadly, it had to be done.

We broke for lunch which, for me, was a delicious chicken caesar wrap. If you can take a salad, wrap a tortilla around it and call it a sandwich, why not then have a “house salad wrap” or a “waldorf salad wrap”? But I digress.

I watched the next set of scenes starring David Pierson and soon it was ready to slap on my suit and act like a businessman. One scene had me as the boss of a mouth employee played by Beverly Bacci who needs to give her a strapping because of her potential loss of business. I then kept the suit on as I transformed from an earlier scene as Lilly’s dad to her uncle — a businessman who has to spank her because of a disaster caused by her careless attitude.

My final scene was with Pixie. I played her tennis coach who pulls her out of a tournament much to her distress and ire. Her long suffering coach decides to spank her after reaching the end of his rope. I like that scene a lot and think it came out pretty good. I stuck around for the end of shooting to see if anyone needed help but was soon on my way back home.

It was a great experience and a highly informative one as well. I got to see the actual making of a spanking video from the inside and got a chance to absorb all that goes into making a clip that might last six or seven minutes on screen. However, I was merely an actor, the writers, directors, crew and producers have the difficult task of pulling it all together from beginning to end — to them go the kudos. A big thank you to my co-stars, Pixie, Beverly and Lilly — all of them lovely inside and out. David Pierson who exudes class and professionalism. My director (who I’m not sure I’m at liberty to name) who made it seem so easy with his expertise — I just had to do my thing, the rest was taken care of (including the excellent air conditioning — thanks for that). I also can’t neglect a thank you to my “agent” — she knows who she is.

I’m going to add an extra level of thanks to Pixie who not only made me feel welcome from the very beginning but comfortable with every step of the process. I would have been more of a nervous wreck without her kindness. Plus, our scenes together were great (IMHO). I would gladly do it all again in a heartbeat.

By the way, feel free to refer to me as an “adult video star”.


54 Responses to “The Official Video Shoot Recap”

  1. Yay! Congrats šŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad your first video experience was a positive one. You couldn’t have worked with nicer people.

  3. Thanks for sharing how the shoot went. Sounds like it exceeded your expectations. Glad you were able to relax and get in the role play head space even with the cameras rolling. When will the video be available?

    • Not yet because I’m not sure about the scheduling of their releases and how long after the actual shoots they end up on the site. I’m sure I’ll mention it when I do find out.

  4. Very exciting… can’t wait to see the pics and videos over at PB.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  5. Rad,

    I just knew you’d be star! Congratulations.


  6. Awesome, I can’t wait to watch the scenes. I think I will move your link into the ‘Spanking Models’ category now šŸ™‚ Congratulations, and I’m glad you had a great experience.

  7. wow, i have played with a real live video star! Congratulations on your break out performance! Can i still talk to you now that you are in the “big time”? See you in Vegas. I’ll be looking for the guy followed by a mob of adoring fans, okay?

  8. Wonderful! So glad that you had a good experience. I have looked at the pics on Pixie’s site…can’t wait to see the videos šŸ™‚

    Good job!

    • I’ll have a post up about some ruminations about the experience tomorrow including something about those pix.

  9. Ah, and to think I knew you before you became a star. Just don’t forget us “little people” now that you’re famous! šŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing the details, and the pics on Pixie’s blog are great. As I commented there, your expression in the water bottle pic doesn’t look goofy…though it did make me laugh. I’m sure Pixie wasn’t laughing after that though.

    • That expression was my little tribute to Lee Harvey Oswald (a reference only for those that’ll get it).

  10. Rad, my heartiest congratulations. You’ve done what many fantasize about doing, but few get to pull it off. Having watched your “work” at last year’s Shadowlane party, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a role in a professional video. And you got to spank Pixie! In a white tennis dress! Before long, I’ll be able to say, “Yeah, but I knew him way back when, before he was a video star!”

    • Doing a scene with Pixie, who I consider on the same level as my idol, Kiri Kelly, was the extra icing on an otherwise amazing cake.

      Please use the term “star” loosely.

  11. And I can’t believed I’m married to a ***STAR!!*** OMG! I can’t wait to see your movie. I’m glad you had fun, babe

    • I hope you’ll enjoy the scenes I did. The disciplinary and authoritarian tone I affected had you in mind when I did them. I know what at least some in the audience are looking for.

  12. Congrats Rad ! Sounds like an amazing experience.

    Tho I think if I met Pixie in real-life I’d faint……. šŸ™‚

  13. otk_spanko Says:

    Rad, congratulations to you on your video debut. From your description and from the photos on Pixie’s blog, I think that the videos should be a big hit, pun intended!

    The photo on Pixie’s blog of your little tribute to Lee Harvey Oswald was quite funny, especially because I read the explanation in your comments, above, before viewing the picture. For those who would like to see the (in)famous original:


    P.S. It’s nice to know another fan of the great Kiri Kelly

    • Poor Lee Harvey — from infamy to mockery. Plus there can never be enough fans who acknowledge the greatness of Kiri Kelly.

      • The picture, and comarison, is priceless, Rad! I also read the description before viewing the picture, and when I went to visit Pixie’s site I laughed so hard, members of my family stuck their head in to find out what the heck was going on šŸ™‚

        Congrats on a successful shoot.

  14. I faint every time I meet Pixie, but only on the inside.

  15. Alan Boatsman Says:

    Congratulations on this milestone. BTW The studio complex is impressive, isn’t? If you do a shoot in the winter ask them to let you wait between scenes at tropical beach sound stage. You’d swear you were on Tortola.
    -Alan Boatsman

    • It sounds exciting and exotic. As long as I was able to find my way there and back — perhaps one of the key grips could drive me over in a studio golf cart.

  16. Congratulations Adult Video Star!

  17. Thanks again Rad. You were truly fantastic. I’ll be sure that there are extra grapes and oatmeal cookies available in the greenroom next time. šŸ˜‰

  18. Very cool. Congratulations – sounds like it was fun.

  19. Rad, Thanks for sharing. I’m glad it was a fun, positive experience. The pictures over at Pixie’s site are great. You face when bottle hit you is priceless.

    • That photo (which is posed) was my idea because I really wanted something goofy — I can’t get through life without being goofy. During the actual shoot, Pixie was so afraid of hurting me with the bottle that I had to tell her it was an empty bottle and I wasn’t that delicate.

  20. Rad “Finch” huh? Are you Rad as hell and not going to take it any more!!!?

  21. Congrats Rad I know you were great I am looking forward to seeing it!!
    kiss kiss have a happy!!

  22. Well done Rad I am sure that you and the very lovely Mz Amber Pixie Wells make great screen magic together and thanks for the report. See you at SL

  23. I don’t watch anything but F/f movies, but since I’ve followed you for so long I have a curiosity that will cause me to make the one exception. I’ll spend the $17 for a one month subscription to PB.

  24. Yay….congrats Rad. That is so exciting. Wish I could have been there on your first shoot. Maybe we will work together on camera in the future. We are both adult video stars now…lol. Miss you. Talk to you later.,

    • Thank you, Sarah. Hope to see you soon — Vegas, I imagine. It would be very cool to work with you sometime in the future. Perhaps…

  25. Rad. You were terrific. I’ve seen a few edits now. Great job sir.

  26. The strapping scene with Pixie was intense and well done. looks fantastic and Pixie cried

    • I felt that was a good scene as a participant in it — I can sometimes tell and I could there. I’m glad I was able to do a good job for you folks.

  27. I’m wondering if the Finch name comes from Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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