I’m Getting There

Not really ready for my closeup but getting myself ready to be in front of the camera on Saturday.

I can’t say that I’ve been obsessing about my upcoming video shoot but it has been in my mind on and off over the last few days. You’d think that something this momentous would be preoccupying me on a constant basis but that is not the case. If I allowed myself to think too much, I’d be a nervous wreck about it.

I’m being as calm and collected as I am able. I know that I have the ability to act and I also know that I’ll have plenty of people around me who know what they’re doing and who will help me be my best. I’ve been somewhat obsessed over what I’ll wear because I have it in my head that I don’t want to wear the same outfit from scene to scene. I’ll certainly bring a suit and then outfits of varying casualness — perhaps a sport jacket for one of the scenes as well. Shoes? Black dress shoes, white sneakers and perhaps some black hightops work boots for one scene. I don’t want to overdo the hauling of clothes but I do want to look decent.

I had some email exchanges with Pixie today culminating with her asking what my stage name would be. This is something that I’d given thought to ever since I found out I’d be doing video work. Should I just call myself “Rad”? Should I make up a new name? I didn’t want to use “Radagast” because I felt it was too Lord of the Rings related. At one point I joked about calling myself “Radley Sullivan Finch III” with “Radley” and “Finch” being references to one of my favorite books (and movies), To Kill A Mockingbird. In the end, I emailed Pixie and told her that my name would be “Rad Finch”. Most people in the scene call me “Rad” anyway and the Finch can be my little literary inside joke (which you are all privy to now).

One other very important thing. I mapped out the trip and also did a search to see where the closest Starbucks was to where I’m going and found the nearest one is within a couple of miles. Excellent. If I get there early, I’ll have somewhere to hang out and get tanked on caffeine. Are there rules against being a jittery Top?


6 Responses to “I’m Getting There”

  1. I’m so excited, Rad! It will be my number one choice of video when it goes on sale. Yay You!

    • I’m still not sure how comfortable I will be watching it — I tend to not like photos of myself let alone video.

  2. You will do great Rad!! Have fun with it. Kiss kiss have a happy.

  3. Hey, you’ll be terrific. Don’t worry about watching yourself … the finest actors among us refuse to see their own work. From my own POV in regards to what I’m into, Mr Finch sounds like fine viewing material. Chin up, and bottoms up!

  4. I’ve only watched one or two of my videos all the way through – and they were the rough copies with no edits, strait off the camera…talk about embarassing!

    You’ll do great 🙂 I look forward to see it someday.

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