A Little More About Topspace

At the very least, my variety of the phenomenon.

I’ve been giving a good amount of thought to those little moments during scenes that make my headspace kick into gear. I once thought that it was only a certain kind of play that did it for me but I’ve found, through several experiences of late, that there are many roads leading to many kinds of headspace.

I’ve already stated that disciplinary play and role play really do it for me. They get me in a groove that I’m very comfortable with and that helps me get going mentally during a scene. The banter and dialogue, the characters, all of these things are what make that kind of play special and fulfilling. Recently, I’ve had a few play sessions that did not fit neatly into that category but were, well, something entirely different. I’m talking about scenes where there is no acting or overt “theme” but merely the act itself as catalyst for the headspace.

There have been times when I’ve had someone across my lap and have been spanking them with little verbal interplay. They might start out kicking and screaming while I’m spanking away but there really is no role play or anything going on. Somewhere during the spanking, they begin to get quieter and quieter — I can feel it happening as if I can actually detect them slipping into somewhere in their own heads. They might still be whimpering or sobbing or whatever but it’s not the same as when it began. The odd thing is that the deeper they get into their headspace, the deeper I get into mine. I feel them limp as I hold them across my knees with a tight grip as I continue spanking with varying degrees of intensity. There is this odd connection going on there that is a completely different kind of headspace than the one I’m normally used to. I can’t really explain it but it’s there and it is quite an amazing thing to experience.

This sort of thing does not happen all the time and it totally depends on this other person and me getting into a kind of groove — but when it does, it is a very interesting and heady place.


2 Responses to “A Little More About Topspace”

  1. o.O I was just writing about this on my blog. About what kicks me into that headspace and just sends me soaring. Oddly enough, it’s all about the scene we had a few weeks ago.

    Well said!

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