One Week To Go

Exactly one week from today, I will be shooting my very first video and I could not be more excited about the prospect.

I’ve got my outlines for the scenes I’m going to be doing which are, of course, top secret at this juncture. I can say that I’m pretty pleased at the plot-lines because I’m pretty sure I can pull them off with no problem at all. The only thing I’m worried about is what I’ll be wearing — I’m obsessed with being dressed differently for all the scenes I’ll be involved in. Attire appropriate to the part I’m playing will be important, too. Luckily, there are no scenes requiring medieval clothing because I own nothing like that (nor any other period costume). Actually, I’ve always wanted to own a Victorian gentleman’s suit (complete with top hat) especially for Christmas-time; I could go to parties as Scrooge or something.

Regardless of my neurotic nature, I’m feeling quite confident about finally getting a chance to do something I’ve wanted to do from the time I saw my first spanking video. I’m not thrilled with my looks but let’s face it, people are not watching those videos to see the guy. I’m actually worried about sweating. If I’m going to be dressed up in some of these scenes, the sweat is going to pouring off my head unless the place is kept cold. I’m an enjoyer of pumped-up air conditioning — the colder the better. Unfortunately, the best laid plans are always thwarted by the one person who is “cold”. Why is it that the cold people of the universe always get their way over the sweaters? Wear layers, dammit!

Anyway, I’m thrilled in case you couldn’t tell. There’s also the inkling of a notion of a possibility that at least another video project may be happening some time in the future but that is still in the planning stage right now.

It’s a gorgeous Saturday and I’m done with my vanilla activities for the day. We’re off to do other things.


14 Responses to “One Week To Go”

  1. I always figured you as a guy who owns a suit of chain mail.

  2. Wednesday Says:

    Cool! I wish you luck and I can’t wait to see it! I know someone else who does videos and also sweats a lot. I am thinking this person must mop up between takes. Shrug.

    Anyhow, I got your e-mail and responded. Ping me via e-mail and on Fetlife if you do not get it. Occasionally Yahoo eats my stuff.

  3. Good Luck with everything! I know it will be awesome 🙂

    Maybe they will keep it cold for you. It’s got to get warm anyway with all the work you’ll be doing and all the kicking, wiggling, and struggling the spankee will be doing, so maybe that will be kept in mind when setting the temp. Or maybe you could put antiperspirant all over your head lol.

    So will you be doing your “southern lawyer” character in the film? 😀

  4. Great! Did I miss who you are making the video with? I enjoy visiting your blog, it seems there is always something here to make me think! 🙂

    Best wishes on your video…can’t wait to see it!

  5. kernalgeneral Says:

    Congrats Rad,
    just for the record, some of us do notice the guy. I for one love the guy on gbs, I think his name is Tom. Also Niko is great too. Being a bottom, I
    always notice a good top. Your going to be great, Both Joe and I always admire your scenes. Looking forward to seeing the videos.
    Break a leg!

    • I’m a big fan of the GBS guy, too, and like those videos a lot. I wonder if they could use another Top…

  6. kernalgeneral Says:

    Oh almost forgot, I think your pretty darn attractive, and your attire is always so apropo (i’m sure thats not the correct spelling)

  7. I want to see a Matlock Spanking Movie!

    But first I want to see the ones you do with PB. I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I can just imagine what they will be like.

    As for wardrobe and sweating, bring lots and lots and lots and lots of shirts. You can even bring a few identical ones to make sure you don’t run into an continuity issues. 🙂

    Also, I want to see a Scrooge spanking movie.

    But seriously, enjoy yourself and good luck! I have no doubt you’ll be formidable. As Loretta said, we bottoms who watch spanking movies do look at the Tops, and more and more production companies are starting to pay attention to that. For the record, I think you’re plenty attractive, and the thing is that it’s actually true to say in this case that you don’t have to look like Fabio to be a wildly successful Top–there’s so much in the attitude.

    I’d say “break a leg” but I don’t know if that’s politic when referring to spanking acting. 🙂

  8. swfloridabrat Says:

    You will be awesome with your intensity! Can’t wait to hear how it goes…

  9. kernalgeneral Says:

    you really should inquire at gbs. you would be fabulous!!!!!
    They could use your skills

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