This post is from a prompt given to me by my wife. When I told her that I’d not written yesterday because nothing was coming to me, I asked her for something to jog my creativity. She said, “Friends”. So, for better or worse, that’s what I’m going with.

I have lots of friends from all corners of the spanking community. Sometimes, just sometimes (insert eyeroll here), these friends don’t quite get along and I’m in the unenviable position to be stuck in the middle. There are times when things get a little too contentious between folks and I’m literally at a loss about what to do. I don’t like choosing sides especially when, in my view, neither side is wrong about anything — it is just a personality clash which has more significance to them than it does me.

Another case is when there is a friend of mine that ends up on the “outs” with other members of the scene. Again, if it’s something truly serious then I’ll probably be upset about it as well and likely want little to do with this person. However, as is often the case, what causes a person to be shunned is also nothing more than a personality clash. Someone annoys you whether it’s a due to a quirk of personality, their voice, their laugh, their shoes — whatever. It happens that people rub some others the wrong way. When the person is a friend of mine, it’s tough because I want them to be included in outings and gatherings whether other people like them or not.

It’s a tough spot for me. I don’t see people as irretrievable losses especially when I like them and want to help them overcome whatever issue has developed so they can ease back into being active and liked. If a person is my friend, I desire to help them out because I know that the scene is a lonely place when you are on the periphery of what’s going on. I feel especially empathetic when the reason a person is in this state doesn’t make much sense to me and seems frivolous. Then again, it could just be because I want all my friends to get along with each other.

So I keep trying to be a diplomat and attempt to broker a peace whenever I can. It may seem like a lost cause sometimes but that’s when I get most determined.


2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. swfloridabrat Says:

    Yes, I try to be inclusive and diplomatic too (honest!) but sometimes….things are happening behind the scenes and not all the facts are revealed to “the world”. Then it is really tough….

  2. Good to know.

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