My Darling. My Strap.

I love leather.

I’m a hand spanker by nature. There’s nothing like the thought of taking someone across my lap, baring their bottom and giving them a traditional (albeit hard) spanking with my hand. I like implements as well especially when I want to ramp up the sensation and fear — to make it really hurt. Paddles are good for that purpose. I’m not talking about huge break-a-person’s-spine sized paddles like something out of a fraternity of giants. A normal sized paddle made out of somewhat heavy wood, it’s head maybe a little bigger than a bath brush. That works pretty good for me because I can get up close and personal with it — put my arm around the waist and hold my victim tight as I swing it and connect.

However, my favorite implement of all, bar none, is the leather strap. I love straps of all kinds whether that narrow band that holds my pants up or something for the expressed purpose of causing pain. It can be stiff or supple although I often go back to the kind that have a lot of give. There’s one in particular that I’ve loved using for years now bought from the London Tanner. It is literally the perfect strap for me and I’ve gotten very good at using it. It is well worn and not stiff at all, the leather has been worked nicely with a good amount of rough use. When it connects, it makes a wonderful sound, a cross between a snap and a thud when on the bare or a sort of “pop” when over jeans. It gets great reactions out of those on the receiving end.

The thing I love most about it is that it is nearly an extension of my arm and very easy to control. I can use it lightly with just a flick of the wrist or reel my arm back and let loose with a full swing. When I give it the full swing, I even like throwing in a snap of the wrist at the end for extra speed. I’ve gotten some good vocalizations with that strap and it is the go-to nasty, ramped up weapon in my arsenal. There is another strap I don’t use as often but is even nastier — the Irish school strap. Thicker, heavier and (so far) stiffer — I’ve been told that one hurts like hell.

Unlike an OTK spanking which is very immediate between two people, a strapping has that slight bit of distance to make it more ritualistic. There is little body contact (unless I’m running my hands over the affected area) that I feel gives me a totally different headspace than spanking does. I almost feel slightly “out of body” when I’m in the middle of a hard strapping. Very great moments using the strap with hopefully more to come.


9 Responses to “My Darling. My Strap.”

  1. oooooo…..I love leather too!!! ~swoooooon~


  2. The strap is my favorite implement too (on the receiving end), though we also have a nasty, wood-reinforced leather paddle from London Tanners. Something about the idea of a strapping puts me in a different headspace. It seems somehow more punitive than a hand-spanking even though a traditional hand-spanking can be plenty hard and punitive. “Strap” and “spanking” are both key trigger words, along with “whipping.” To hear someone say that they are going to whip my ass with the strap kind of sends me over the moon.

    • Peter Leonard Says:

      Perhaps you wear tight streachy unerpants I can pull down as you are positioned to get your bare ass whipped with my razor strap.Your ass will be purple when I finish strapping that arched butt.

  3. I like leather as well (I have the Irish strap too), but I tend to prefer the small OTK type paddles that you described. Small size, but heavier wood.

  4. Marie (Kate James) Says:

    Is that the strap you used Saturday night?

    I’ve felt the Irish School Strap, over jeans. Holy hell, it felt like a cross between a strapping and a caning with the after burn.

  5. I’ve felt both an Irish School Strap and something called a “reformatory” strap. . . . . it’s an acrylic, I believe, strap that has three holes at the end and is FAMOUS for leaving nasty marks. It has the thud of a paddle and the bite of a cane. . . . . much like the Irish School Strap. *shudders* Yuck.

    While most leather implements hurt less than a hand spanking for me, I tend to prefer handspankings. They put me in a better frame of mind than a strapping. The more “person to person” contact there is, the better frame of mind I’m in, due to a past history of severe abuse. Like, for instance, the positioning that you described with the paddle does wonders for me, because of the “closeness”.

    Do you prefer that position because you can “feel” the reaction better? Or does it give you more control?

    • radagast Says:

      Good question. I think a little of both. I like to feel the person’s body jerk and spasm as I’m striking them and I like the control of an arm around their waist (perhaps with a hand on the hip as well). It also makes me feel as if I’m letting them know who is in charge at that moment as well.

  6. I saw a whole lot of London Tanner’s straps used this past weekend in Chicago. It certainly made an impression on me, and I wasn’t even the one getting strapped!

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