Happy Week Is Here/Passing Along Good Thoughts

What is “Happy Week” and why does it need to be anywhere?

Sometimes even I get sick of the angst. Although I subsist on non-stop diet of emotional turmoil and neurotic thoughts, there are times when I need a vacation from the natural order of things. That’s why I’m doing Happy Week.

Happy Week is my way of exorcizing the bad thoughts by writing about those things in the scene that make me feel good or that turn me on. No peeves or rants. I know many people out there are amused by the rants and that rants are often fun reading but I need a bit of a break from being pissed off about something or another.

So here we are and what better way to start the week off except to talk about one of the times I really feel good about myself in the scene. It could be in the midst of a conversation or an off-hand remark made by someone else but nothing makes me feel better about myself than knowing that what I do really connects with someone else.

Communication is important in the scene and I try to be as communicative as I possibly can be especially with people with whom I play. I don’t just mean making sure we see eye to eye about what a good scene entails but making sure that if I’ve had a good scene, I let the person know it. I also like to make sure that I let people know when our play means more to me than just a fleeting thing. There are people out there who I love to play with because something “clicks” between us. I enjoy letting others know when that happens and how important it is to me. I also like to hear it and it never fails to make me feel good — giving me the notion that I’ve done something for someone that has made their experience a more positive one. Yes, it’s an ego feeder but it’s more than that. It lets me know that the connection during play that I feel is reciprocated.

I know it can be awkward to sing the praises of someone to their face or to have that done to you. I’ve gone through a lifetime of not being able to take compliments but I’m glad to say that I’ve been getting better at being gracious and accepting them as time has gone by. I think I’m also getting a lot better at giving compliments when they are due. I don’t want to praise people in a facetious way or in a way that makes it seem like I’m just giving them a line. When I praise someone or tell them how important they are to me or how connected I feel when we play, I mean it. I think genuinely meaning it and conveying that thought makes it all the more special and that’s how I feel when someone says it to me.

So current or future play partners out there, don’t be put off by any praise I heap your way. Accept it the way I’m learning to do and feel free to pass the good feelings on to other folks you play with or know in the scene.

Hey, you know what? This Happy Week thing is sort of like self-therapy. I actually feel better after having written the above. Hmm — maybe I have something here. However, after I’m done with all this good feeling, I’m sure I’ll have a rant ready to go for the angst lovers out there. Patience, friends, patience.


4 Responses to “Happy Week Is Here/Passing Along Good Thoughts”

  1. Happy Happy Week to you!

  2. swfloridabrat Says:

    I agree that it is good to let your friends/play partners know what makes things special between you-I also like to compliment the tops in front of other bottoms-you know we talk-you may as well hear what we say:) Happy “Happy Week” to you, too!

    • radagast Says:

      I try to praise the good people I’ve been fortunate enough to play with to those I think will both appreciate them and those I think the bottoms will appreciate. Knowing how it gets with bottoms being inundated by requests for play, I don’t think a very public showing of praise would be what they would want.

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