Not A Bad Time At The Club

Been absorbing it all day and thought I’d get it down into words before the day was done.

First of all, people did show up for the munch. We even got the required ten men for the extra level of discount to Paddles. Some familiar faces dropped by as well as a few new ones but the burgers were flipping and people were eating so it worked out rather nicely. I actually had wanted to give away some items but it got a little too chaotic at the diner plus a table of vanilla fossils was parked too close to us so it precluded the added layer of fun. Next month I’ll figure out a system for doing a giveaway and double up on the swag.

The OTK Night itself was pretty hopping for a summer weekend and there was plenty of play all over the place. Although my wife could not be there because of an out-of-town excursion, I managed to have a proper amount of fun nevertheless. Not too much, not too little — just right. I left a little earlier than I normally do for a night out at Paddles but the sudden appearance of trannies gave me the hint that OTK Night was over. Not that I have anything against trannies — I was just not in a tranny mood last night. Instead, a small group of us went across the street to hang for a bit before going home.

All in all, a good evening. Let’s do it again next month.


2 Responses to “Not A Bad Time At The Club”

  1. Radagst:

    Thanks for making a newcomer feel welcome. My paranoia is still there, but it’s several quantum levels lower.

    Sept.., I will go with you guys INTO paddles.


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