Pigtails & Glasses

A few of my favorite things.

Part of my rebirth as a kinky person after coming out in the scene has been an unashamed embrace of my own delicious perversions. There are all sorts of things that turn me on, many of them things that I’ve spoken about here. For example, that little bit of electricity that runs from my brain to my drain whenever I think about light medical play with rectal thermometers. You know, there just are not enough video companies that produce stuff like that (that I can go work for). Most of the time, things like that are my little secret and perhaps something I can enjoy in real life with a select few (nameless) people.

Two things that have turned me on for practically my whole life have been women who wear glasses and who have their hair in pigtails (although not necessarily at the same time). Glasses are the one that I’ve had the hardest time understanding. Perhaps a leftover from some crush I had on a teacher in grade school. Whatever its origin, I like the way they frame the eyes almost like jewelry for the face. I also have this idea that they lend an air of intelligence which is in and of itself a turn-on. Imagine how torn I was when a certain former Alaska governor came on the scene. Glasses were about the only good thing about her. Be that as it may, glasses on a woman are something I notice instantly although not so much sunglasses; I need to see the eyes.

Pigtails are the obvious one for a spanker like me. They evoke the little girl look in an instant without a lot of costuming necessary. Pop the hair in pigtails, get called “young lady” and get over my lap. So simple. I’m sure there are those out there who are turned off my the fact that I’m turned on by such things. Perhaps in their minds, I am exhibiting an unhealthy desire to sexualize underage women. My response for that is quite simple and might go something like this:

She: Pigtails? I think that’s very demeaning and tells me a lot about what your desires are. Ew!

Me: Sorry it bothers you. By the way, there’s the door. Be sure to use it to get the fuck out.

As you can see, I don’t have a lot of patience for criticism especially when it involves my kink. I like what I like and I’ll be damned if I let someone else dictate what I’m allowed to enjoy publicly. I spent too many years locked in a secret life to come out and hide again, this time inside the scene. There are things other people do that I don’t like, I don’t care because I don’t really pay attention to what it is that they like. Silly spanky games of the “tee-hee” variety do nothing for me but other people are free to act any way they want as long as I’m allowed to act how I want and desire what I want.

Glasses and pigtails are my line in the sand. I’m not giving up noticing either of those things regardless of how odd or distasteful they might sound to some other folks. Just don’t get me started about braces on adult women. Hmm, braces and pigtails — major shiver.


8 Responses to “Pigtails & Glasses”

  1. I’m not sure who is leveling this criticism you’re hearing. Isn’t the point about turn-ons that they’re quirky, individual, and not precisely explainable? Besides which, glasses & pigtails are hardly outre. Perhaps this tedious feminist critic resides only in your mind…?

    And you’re not the only person in NY who responds to the idea of temperatures taken That Way. (ahem) Bit of a staple in the former life… *pushes glasses up nose* 😉

    • Well, I don’t know if you’re calling bullshit on what I wrote but I am not trying to say that everyone has that sort of negative view.

      • Not at all. I just identified with feeling criticized for Likes, and was trying to assist in combating said criticism. Sorry if it came off wrong!

  2. My husband has a thing for glasses too. He is totally entranced whenever I wear my glasses. I thought he was the only one with such a goofy fetish. Now, I’m starting to understand. He also likes it when I put my hair in two ponytails (but I won’t be able to do that for a while, since I just had my hair cut short in a modified bob).

  3. Marie (Kate James) Says:

    If I’d have read this before I left last night, I’d have worn my glasses – which see very little use lately!

    Oddly enough, I wear my hair in pigtails quite often, Max loves it too 🙂

  4. munchkin Says:

    As a glasses wearer myself, I heartily support this interest! Never mind I wear them because I’m too lazy for contacts.

    I occasionally do pigtails (braids anyway) and like wearing them, but am getting self-conscious about that, starting to feel maybe I’m too old to pull that off, so not very often. I’m fairly comfortable wearing them at spanko events though, considering plenty of the women will be in somewhat juvenile attire or hairstyles so it won’t seem odd there.

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