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Party Preview: Empathy, Pity & the Greater Good

Posted in Article with tags , , , on August 31, 2009 by Radagast

The Shadow Lane Labor Day party approaches. On Wednesday, Sandy and I will do the traveling thing out to Vegas to enjoy an extra day of fun before the party proper starts. I want to spend the next few days discussing some things regarding party-life. This first one will be a familiar yet oft repeated subject, namely, obligations of party goers towards each other.

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What Went Wrong?

Posted in Article with tags , , on August 30, 2009 by Radagast

OTK Night last night. The munch had a nearly full turnout but oddly unbalanced — something on the order of 4 to 1 male to female ratio. Paddles faired no better as it was nearly a men’s club with some females present including a couple of pro Dommes. I’m thinking I did not do enough to promote it.

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OTK Night Puts Me In A Spanking Mood

Posted in Announcement with tags , , , , on August 29, 2009 by Radagast

Now I’m in my element. Sure, last week’s party didn’t put me in the emotional or heady space that I would have liked to be in but now tonight is OTK Night and now y’all are in Rad country.

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From The Outside

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David Pierson over at Punished Brats was nice enough to send over a DVD of the videos from the shoot I did for them. Here is my initial review.

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All Kinds Of Fiction

Posted in Article with tags , on August 26, 2009 by Radagast

There’s the kind that has a beginning, middle and end — the kind I’m writing but have yet to finish. There’s also the kind of fiction that poses as truth or at least a version of the truth but is grounded in no reality that I’m able to discern. This is about the latter.

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A Day Off Yesterday

Posted in Announcement, Article with tags , on August 26, 2009 by Radagast

I was going to post something but decided against it at the last minute because I did not feel like putting a half-baked piece of fiction out there. When I write, especially a story, I like it to flow out of me. Many of things I do just come out of me at one sitting. I might re-read and then edit but it usually is a single process from idea to finished product. That was not possible yesterday so I decided against doing it in fits and starts.

Yesterday was a Twitter day so I spent a lot of it spouting mundane or plain odd nonsense over there. I tend to have less spanko messages on Twitter as I just let my brain spit things out. Later this morning I’m going to write the fiction piece which I’ll post here as soon as it’s done.

In A Strange Land

Posted in Article with tags , on August 24, 2009 by Radagast

The MSA party the other night was fine. Nice people, a nice space, hummus and, of course, spanking. I played and had a relatively good time but spent a lot of my time wondering what I was doing there.

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