OTK Night: I’ve Done My Part

As the Paddles OTK Night approaches, I go back and forth between worrying that I haven’t done enough and telling myself that it’s all I can do.

My first hosted OTK Night Munch. I shouldn’t be worried but I worry about everything — incessantly. I keep imagining it’s a party I’m throwing but no one is going to show up. I’ll be there all by myself, the waiters standing by looking at me with their sad Central or South American eyes, shaking their heads at the pathetic man with no friends. I’ll order a burger deluxe and it will taste like ashes in my mouth. All alone — so sad.

And if you think that’s the only thing I’m obsessing about, you’re wrong. Let’s say people show up — I have to hand them little discount coupons for entry into Paddles. Do you think I’ve made up these coupons? Of course not. I’ve been going nuts for a month and a half trying to design the fucking things. I should have taken Photoshop lessons but no, I’m a genius who can figure anything out. So there I am layering pictures and text, trying to get the right mix and what happens? The printed version looks like shit! It’s all blurry and stuff. I thought Photoshop was supposed to fix all of that automatically or something — you mean I have to know what I’m doing?!? I have to know what all those numbers mean in the pop-up window before I save? So I go online and look for a template. Of course, I can’t find any for the open source office suite that I use on my computer because I was dumb enough to buy into the “free” thing. OK, I can at least use my work computer to do that so I suppose it’ll be solved later today.

Then came the advertising part. Sure, the regulars know about the OTK Night munch but what about new people — how do I let them know. All I know how to do is go to all the sites I know about and put up a little notice about the event hoping that people will read it and show up. I am a little hesitant about putting things up on certain message boards because you never know when it is violation of some code or restriction about posts. Then not only do I get the post taken down but I have to contend with looking like a douchebag to the people running the thing.

I’m angst ridden right now and I can’t do anything about it other than take a deep breath. I’m just going to show up a little after 5pm tomorrow at the Moonstruck Diner and order a burger deluxe — I want onion rings, too, maybe a side salad. Then I wait and hope I didn’t put the wrong date on all the announcements.


4 Responses to “OTK Night: I’ve Done My Part”

  1. scChris Says:

    I wish I wasn’t working Saturday. Once school starts I will have Saturdays off and will more than likely make a monthly sojourn in the City. You are doing a service to the spanking community. My first OTK nite I went to the munch with Midnight Sky and Marie. It was a good way to ease into the party and to save some bucks. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Rad,
    I can’t help you with regard to your angst, but I can say the munches are very important for both familiar faces and new people. All you can do is the best you can, and each time will be a learning experience for the next.

    The people who show up regularly will, in all likelihood, continue to show up no matter (or despite) what you do. But it is important that the munch tradition continues.

    If I could be there, I would. Not that my presence would necessarily help you, but at least the intention would be there. At times like this, I’m glad to be on the fringe of the scene because no one expects anything from me; at the same time, I wish I were more closely involved in the scene so that I could help others — newcomers — ease into a scary social situation.

  3. Wow, I guess I made hosting look easy…lol. Every month you will sit there and wonder if people will show up.

    My only advice is to post to as many places as you can (if you step on someones toes…apologize and take them off the list). Also, if someone posts on one of the groups you are on (especially the Paddles board) reach out to them and invite them to the munch. This way they do not feel like they are alone.

    I hope to be at the next munch…however, I have a feeling it is over labor day weekend?

    • radagast Says:

      I will always wonder if people will show up because I’m so neurotic about things like that. I should be more pro-active when it comes to advertising — I’m always afraid I’m stepping on toes.

      As for Labor Day: I’m trying to get OTK Night moved to the 12th. I have heard nothing about that yet.

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