Sometimes It’s The Wrong Crowd

There are times that you realize you’re standing out like a sore thumb.

I’ve been very spoiled as a certified (by whom?) spanko. Lots of spanking only events all over the place these days and it seems I attend most of them. The wife and I decided to head off to Paddles last night just for the hell of it — to have a little bit of fun. Although fun was had by us, I could not help feeling that the mix of people just wasn’t working for me or vice versa. Sandy and I managed to fit in a nice hard strapping scene in there which really was what the doctor ordered for me. A week’s worth of stress had frayed my nerves something awful and I very much needed the release of energy that a good hard scene provides me. Other than that — yawn.

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy hanging out with the people there. I have friends that are outside the spanking community and there are a good many crossovers, too. Sandy is one of those folks. She likes lots of things that really don’t tickle my fancy. I can dabble if I want but it just doesn’t do it for me the way spanking does. So I spent most of the night just kicking back, watching the proceedings and that’s pretty much it. A couple of friends of ours were there as well so there was someone to converse with during the doldrums.

One thing about last night — the “slave auction”. OK, I understand the point of it — it’s sort of like a Sadie Hawkins event gone horribly wrong but gives people the chance to peddle themselves and perhaps have that accidental meeting. Unfortunately, it requires people to bid on you and if what you offer (including looks) is not what they’re interested in, then you’re shit out of luck. It is a certain kind of fun and certainly educational. Where else can you combine a party atmosphere with utter humiliation. Must remind myself in the future to be a bidder and observer only or at least pick my moments. I had little worth as chattel last night.


3 Responses to “Sometimes It’s The Wrong Crowd”

  1. kernalgeneral Says:

    Sorry to hear we missed you guys Sat. nite. We were in the city this weekend as well. we thought we would see you at the dsf party friday night, for the hard play. We were there, but not much of a crowd, we did get in some hard strapping though, Joe has an old authentic razor strap that he was using dead on.
    Joe wanted to go to the auction Sat. nite, but I was to tired to attend the club, we had a nice dinner, listened to a blues band and then retired early. Had we known you guys were there, we could have had dinner and I would have rallied and gone too.

  2. scChris Says:

    I understand your sentiments. I am thinking about attending the bdsm club here in CT. When I was in CA I did so a few times. That itch to play drives me there, but it seems every time I do so, I am really out of my element. My particular fetish is so narrow, and though I have found the larger bdsm community to be welcoming, I just don’t meet many who share in my kink set. Ah well.

  3. I know exactly what you mean, Rad. When I was t Frolicon, it was fun and interesting, but I was very glad to be able to spend time with a couple other certified spankos. Otherwise, I might not have had any play that really satisfied me.

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