Working On Something/A Few Chat Topics Left Over

I meant to post something yesterday and had it in my mind that it was going to be a piece of fiction. Unfortunately, my brand of writer’s block kicked in which means that whatever I wrote looked like crap to me. Dejected, I posted nothing.

However, here’s a little something left over from topics in the Shadow Lane chat last night

I didn’t pop into chat until after most things had been discussed so didn’t really get to engage in a lot of the back and forth. I did want to touch on each topic nevertheless.

What do you do when not engaging in spanking play? Obviously, every person has their own ways of relaxing but I use the downtimes differently. If I’m by myself, I might be in the casino playing some slot machine or another. I have a system for choosing machines to get maximum benefit and that is part of the enjoyment as well. If my wife is also free then it’s a good time to reconnect over food or coffee — perhaps even find other folks who are simply hanging out and spending some time B.S.-ing with them. The fact is that you can’t spank or be spanked constantly (maybe some folks can) so it’s important to find ways to unwind. I know that some people feel they are “wasting time” by not playing as much as they can but the truth is you’re not going to play with all the people you want anyway so making your party experience seem like work is unpleasant.

What do veterans & newbies expect from each other? I think this one is very simple — they both expect the other to try a little. Certainly, veterans have somewhat of an obligation to be welcoming but newbies need to be able to not have such a thick wall around them. It’s not church, it’s a party and supposed to be fun. My only caution about all this is geared towards the people on both sides that come off as a bit intense. On the veteran side, it’s the person that might be a touch too insistent about playing with someone new until this person is either browbeaten into playing or scared off. A little sensitivity and plain old friendliness is required. On the newbie side, if you’re so socially inept that being in a party situation is too much for you, then it’s going to be hard to meet anyone around you even part of the way.

Are there party situations that make you uncomfortable to witness? Generally, I like hard or disciplinary scenes and watching things like that are fine by me. I don’t often see something like that in public or semi-public areas but a scene like that might erupt spontaneously on occasion. I don’t mind that at all. I do get weirded out when blood is on display but that’s usually an accident and the participants stop to address it. The one thing that does make me feel uncomfortable is sexual activity even if it is “just” touching. It really makes me feel like I don’t want to be there at all or that I’m intruding on something I should not be seeing. I have not seen lots of this happen but there have been times when two people get a little touchy-feely and that’s when I bow out. I’ve seen crazier things at private house parties (what you could reasonably call “sex”) and in those cases I’ve felt like crawling into a hole. Weird for a person who likes to be somewhat of an exhibitionist himself?


5 Responses to “Working On Something/A Few Chat Topics Left Over”

  1. lol, OK here are some honest answers:

    (1) try (unsuccessfully) to sleep, search for something decent to eat (i.e. something outside the casino), maybe work out or swim, and strategize as to how I am going to set up my next play session with some strange girl who I saw standing across the room.

    (2) I don’t like the whole models&friends vs everybodyelse dynamic. It feels like there are two classes of people at some of these parties. It’s annoying because, for one thing, it’s not like you have to be great looking to be a model, so it bugs when people act like they are hot shit because they shoot videos. Secondly, I understand that certain people get beseiged with requests to play, but if somebody just wants to shoot the breeze with you, don’t act like it’s putting you off, OK? Just try to be cordial, at least. Some people get extremely defensive when you just come up to them and say “Hi, how are you? aren’t you so-and-so?”

    (3) this is weird, but I don’t like seeing people swapping spit. But, that’s just me and it’s a free country.

    • radagast Says:

      I don’t know what to say about the model thing as I’ve heard it all before from many people. For my part, I find that they are quite approachable, it’s me that’s too nervous to get close.

  2. Hi Rad,
    I haven’t read any of your fiction. To be honest, your non-fiction posts have been more compelling. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to reading your fictional works, but I haven’t been motivated to read fiction in quite some time.

    I almost made it online last night, and that would have been totally cool since you were there, but recent experiences in Chat have been lackluster, and I lacked motivation. I will, however, try again on Monday if I’m available.

  3. swfloridabrat Says:

    At my only SL party, I saw medical play-in my suite-at my party…I was not happy-they wanted to shut the door and I told them no, if they wanted private play, they could go to their own room…I think you are spot on regarding newbies and veterans-give a little people! We are all there to enjoy ourselves…

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