Momentary Musing: Spanking Stories

I’d love to write more spanking fiction but I get as bored with the writing of it as I do with the reading of much of it. What I dislike most about spanking stories is the fact that right from the beginning, there is often no suspense at all. People are so specific in their tastes that writers are compelled to give away every plot point in the title (i.e. M/f, disciplinary, no sex). It’s akin to writing a Twilight Zone episode by putting “btw, it’s not Earth” in the title.

Personally, my kink is wide enough to accept all sorts of surprises in a story. I’m not easily turned off by things I would normally not seek out. The story just might surprise me even if not my cup of tea.


5 Responses to “Momentary Musing: Spanking Stories”

  1. Yeah, that’s the problem, alright.

    Anyway, I was thinking about something you wrote a few days ago. You were talking about why you keep this blog. I like the fact that you put something down every day, whether it is a brief musing like this, or a fully fleshed out idea, or a short stoy. It’s a good exercise to write every day, and not to worry too much about the results, because a lot of the benefit is simply in the doing. Maybe, I’ll try writing more often too.

    • radagast Says:

      It is a good exercise and the doing is often its own reward. Being neurotic (like me) helps as well.

  2. IrishRed Says:

    I can’t speak in general, but on sss labels (and labeling) wound up being a common topic of … er … discussion. It could be polite, but more often than not someone had a hissy fit because they inadvertently read something that “traumatized” them. The smelling salts would be broken out in order to revive the injured reader, the word “sick” would be bandied about, and labels would become the order of the day, at least for a little while.

    I don’t mind a simple label. I have my particular genre so if I’m pressed for time I always appreciated knowing where the M/f or M/F stories were. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find out I enjoyed all the other types, too. One gal who wrote M/M became one of my favorite authors. If I had time I would skim a story (thank you Evelyn Woods), and usually got enough gist of the story to know if it was or wasn’t my cuppa.

    Twelve years later I’m rarely surprised, and I have to admit I don’t seek out spanking fiction much anymore. My own spanking fiction Muse seems to have gone on a permanent vacation, and I wonder if that’s in direct correlation to my being more active in the spanking community.

    Or maybe it’s simple laziness …

    • radagast Says:

      I sort of remember those sss battles going back many moons. It seems people have very strong opinions about what they like and what they don’t like bordering on the pathological.

      As for writing: It’s less my laziness as it is lack of ideas that don’t bore the crap out of me. I refuse to write the typical “smack-smack-smack” kind of story. I just adamantly refuse.

  3. I’ve been writing discipline stories for 8 years now. In some ways I regret allowing my interest in spanking and discipline to influence my writing, it kind of took over so that now I find it hard to write anything that doesn’t have a spanking theme. On the other hand, writing such fiction has given me an opportunity to explore, using different characters, just why I’m interested in this complex subject. I think as a result I understand myself a lot better and I’m more comfortable with my kink, plus I like knowing that I’ve entertained other folk along the way. 🙂

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