The Point Of It All

Why do I write this blog? Why does anyone? It’s too pat of an answer to simply say, “Because I must” or “I’m compelled”. People are compelled to do all sorts of things, some of them with negative results. Why do we do what we do?

This blog started with a purpose — I wanted to have a reason to write on a regular basis. I could have written anything on any subject I felt comfortable with whether politics, music or the industry in which I am employed. I chose spanking as the subject because I had come to the realization at that time that the spanking scene had become not just an escape but an inextricable part of my life.

The origin of this blog came from a rebirth I felt at the time about the scene and my place in it. Having come out of a period where I was questioning my involvement, it was this reawakening of interest that prompted me to want to write about spanking as a way to sustain the positive feelings inside me. This blog, for lack of a better word, became my therapy. Whether I was writing about my experiences, pontificating as if I knew what I was talking about or just being silly, it was all coming out of me as my way of working through those thoughts. I had gotten to a bad place as far as the scene was concerned because I had been bottling things up for too long rather than working on them. This blog helped me work on them and I’m glad that it has had an impact for me.

I never thought I’d have any readership at all outside of a few close friends who might check in every once in a while. It didn’t stop me from trying to develop one but I didn’t think I would draw many people at all. The fact that there are probably dozens of people who read this thing on a daily basis is a total, albeit pleasant, surprise. I realized over time that I was reaching people in ways that not only revealed bits and pieces of my own life but made people think a little about their kink. It certainly has made me think quite a bit about what makes me tick insofar as spanking goes.

The one thing that it has done for me that I’ve only come to realize recently is that writing this blog has given me a great deal of confidence in reaching out to people to make connections. I used to be afraid of doing so for fear of being rejected — a left over from my childhood and adolescence. It’s only now that I realize that those fears were as real as the fear I used to have as a kid of the dark closet in my bedroom. Over time I discovered that those fears were not anything that made a bit of sense. Yes, rejection is real but not as common as I once thought it would be. I may not always feel 100% confident but I do have that outlook more often than not — writing this blog and feeling connected to many people has given that to me.

So that’s the point of why I write this thing — it helps me and from the feedback I get from some folks, it helps them as well. At the very least I know that I’m not alone out there and that many other people feel the same way that I do. I’m also sure that there are as many reasons for blogging about spanking as there are bloggers who do it. I’d love to know — maybe I’ll ask them.

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  1. thanks for writing that,Rad. i think you do have a unique voice, and I’ve frequently said I wonder why more tops don’t blog. You have a good balance between arrogance (which you have every right to feel, IMHO) and humility.

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