Life’s Little Joys

OK, I’m off to the SSNY party tonight to hob nob with my fellow travelers and to get some licks in here and there. My preparation ritual, though, has already begun.

I always get a haircut before a spanking party — it’s become a tradition for me. There’s a certain barbershop that I go to within walking distance of the apartment — a bunch of Russians run the place and there’s often little waiting time. Not all the barbers are equal and some do a better job than others. The mark of a good barber is that he should have a light touch. In no way should the person in the chair who’s under the electric clipper feel it scraping across his scalp. I’ve had my share of bad barbers whose idea of cutting hair was akin to pushing a plow over rocky ground. Luckily, I got the good barber today — a big fellow who loves telling stories of his time in the Red Army. He’s a scary bastard so I tip him well. Not only is he light on the tough with the clipper but his use of a straight razor is second to none. I hardly feel a thing as he’s shaving the back of my neck unlike some of the younger guys who do it like they are trying to carve a turkey.

I’ve got the haircut (a number one all the way around, zero on top) and I’m ready to jump in the shower. I already bought the Pepsi Max that I’m bringing with me and I’m already geared up for fun, frolics and a sustained but manageable level of mayhem. The only thing I wish is that Sandy was going with me — ah, well.

If I feel up to it, I might “tweet” from the event just to use my new phone — an HTC Ozone. Sort of looks like a Blackberry but has Windows Mobile software. I’m getting used to it after a few hours of use but it will take time to figure out all the features.

By the way, if anyone uses Twitter, my nickname is Radagast333. Just saying.


5 Responses to “Life’s Little Joys”

  1. See you there, Rad.

  2. I can’t tell you how much it tickles me to hear a guy goes through his own preparation ritual too! I’m not sooo bad any more, but when I first started going to one night parties…OMG!…it was an all day ritual.
    Have fun! 🙂

  3. It was good to see you again, Rad. I think we all have our own pre-party rituals, and you just helped confirm my theory.

  4. I would never get a shave at a Russian barbershop, since I have seen Eastern Promises.

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