Party Like It’s 7/4/2009

Which, of course, it is.

After some morning and early afternoon chores, my lovely wife and I are off to New Jersey to visit the infamous Fortress of Pervitude for a kinky July 4th bash. I personally don’t know what sort of debauchery is in store for us but I’m sure I’ll be involved in it to some degree. There’s so much more than just spanking going on at those parties that I sometimes feel like my “lowly” spanking fetish is lost in the sauce. Fortunately, who gives a shit?

So it’s party this weekend which should satisfy my spanko cravings. Then it’s the SSNY party next weekend which should really satisfy my spanko cravings. It’s all on the road to our first hosted OTK Night Munch on August 1st and then we get ready for Vegas and Shadow Lane. I’m sure there’ll be some spanking related stuff thrown in between all those things as well.

Please have a happy 4th and don’t blow your fingers off like they show on the TV every year around this time. Let it be that drunken moron down the block that learns his lesson.


3 Responses to “Party Like It’s 7/4/2009”

  1. “Chores”? (Scratches head, puzzled).

  2. Kathyca Says:

    Happy 4th!!!

  3. Isn’t traditional Americana great? U.S.A, Mom, apple pie, and spankings!

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