My Visual Mind

I touched on this briefly yesterday but my brain is often going a mile a minute. When I’m thinking kinky thoughts (or any thoughts for that matter), I tend to create little movies or static scenes inside my head.

I sometimes wish I had the talent for photography and especially drawing. All the way back through my school years, I tried and tried to do art of various kinds but was never able to grasp it. A lot had to do with impatient teachers who would only concentrate on their class favorites as well as parents who saw art as frivolity. I’m sure a lot had to do with my own frustration at wanting the final product but not having the skill to get to it (and not wanting to spend X amount of years learning). In my current career choice, I have actually discovered that I am able to finish a project using audio that sounds the way I imagined and is often better due to heaping amounts of serendipity.

I often have lots of kinky thoughts that I see in my own mind as films or as still photos. If I was a photographer, I might actually try to put these things together. Unfortunately, I am not and usually take pretty boring photographs not having the skill to translate my thoughts to film. This is why I always joke that I’m an “idea guy”. I can come up with concepts and even specifically frame them in a detailed way but don’t have a way of making them real. I’m the guy that sits behind the desk and says, “Two people fall in love on Mars right before a war with Earth breaks out. They end up on opposite sides. Now go make the movie”. You would not believe the number of spanking related videos that reside inside my head (along with a multitude of lesbian erotica but that’s for a whole other blog) which in real life I often turn into roleplay scenarios — the ones that are do-able. These things pop into my head like crazy complete with dialog, setting and all the trappings.

I also create little static scenes because I’ve always been a lover of still photos especially kinky ones. For example, I get up this morning and this “photo” is in my head. You are looking at a classroom from the back of the room. The teacher is standing up front with a deadly serious and even arrogant look on his face, his hands on top of a yardstick standing straight up in front of him. In the foreground from left to right are schoolgirls behaving very badly — paper planes, blowing bubbles, passing notes, pulling each other’s hair. A horror show of a classroom. Right in the center of the photo is one schoolgirl who is not participating for a reason. Her arms around bound behind her from wrists upwards perhaps with some sort of leather restraints.

I love the idea of that “photo” even though I’m not usually a fan of bondage. It’s the juxtaposition of classrooms, schoolgirls and overt kink that, in my mind, makes it memorable and damned sexy.

All I ask is that anyone wanting to go make that photo give me credit for the concept.


2 Responses to “My Visual Mind”

  1. Well, I like it. Of course I’m picturing myself as the schoolgirl. But wondering what I’ve done, and what’s in store…

    • radagast Says:

      That’s the beauty of still photos — you can make your own story. In the case of the little fantasy photo above, it’s obvious that it’s meant to be surreal.

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