Housekeeping Notes

Just want to mention a couple of changes today.

I’ve gotten rid of one links category and merged the two that were there with the larger category now called “Blogs ‘N Things”. I also want to mention that a very close friend of mine, Ms. Cassandra Park, has a new website and blog here. I’m sure many folks, especially naughty boys of all ages, will be visiting the site for various reasons.

I’m also going to be updating the “About” section which serves as my profile here. Consolidating as well as rewriting will be the orders of the day.

If you missed today’s earlier post or the phenomenal ones from previous days, please scroll down and read. Remember also that the handy calendar on the right side of the front page can lead you to a wonderous year’s worth of thoughts by yours truly. Thank you for indulging me here. Live long and prosper.


2 Responses to “Housekeeping Notes”

  1. Thanks for the shameless plug…

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