I Never Call It A Need

However, for some reason, I’m rather jonesing to spank.

Maybe it’s stress or some other pressure on my life. Actually, it probably is. Whatever the reason, I just feel an urge to spank right now. Is it just because I need to get some pent up energy out of my system or just the build up of some natural urges? Frankly, I don’t care. I feel like smacking someone’s ass right about now.

The only sad part is that I’m torn.

On one hand, I feel like grabbing someone by the arm like the naughty daughter, standing them in front of me while I bare their bottom and then flinging them over my lap for a hard spanking because I’m “tired of their behavior”. Kicking, screaming and all the carrying on with me holding them with a strong arm across their middle as I spank them hard and fast. Nothing sensual at all — just the Angry Dad kind of spanking with all the energy attached to it. Much scolding also included and I’ll throw in corner time as a bonus.

Or maybe the laying face down bare bottom strappings that I like to give. These can be very institutional with me as the cold and calculating teacher/principal/warden. For breaking the rules, you will receive ten sets of ten strokes. I feel the headspace already. However, these can also have a sensual feel as well. It doesn’t have to be harsh verbally, it can just be about the strap and the bottom connecting with plenty of time between strokes to let it sink in. I like these kinds of strappings as well. Canings can also be a good substitute for the above as well. Heck, how about both?

So here I am, having coffee, getting ready for work and thinking about all of this. I wish I could say that the thoughts will subside as the day progresses but I know better. The more stressed out I feel, the more these thoughts will be in my head. I will definitely have to do something about them very, very soon.


15 Responses to “I Never Call It A Need”

  1. and you’ve no doubt given plenty of your ‘bad girls’ food for thought for THEIR day now, as well!

    cool how that yin/yang thing can work….

    bottoms feel very similarly when under a lot of stress..wanting a strong disciplinarian to almost unthinkingly throw them over their lap and just wail away….
    defusing the day’s chaos…like taking control of a fire that flares up.

    Funny how Tops and bottoms wander around with these thoughts and urges, yet vanilla life sems to in no way offer an outlet. Yeah, that sucks….

  2. Could it be the weather?

  3. Rut row. I better hide.

  4. gwendana Says:

    I just had a tooth extracted — one of the upper molars, and I’m in pain. I hate pain. I’m feeling very stressed and can’t seem to relax. I have little doubt that a thorough spanking and strapping would help settle me down. Such a pity that you’re all the way in NY!

  5. It’s refreshing to hear this from the top’s side.
    Yesterday I was walking around town wondering: how many people in this city will be giving or receiving a good spanking today? How many people are thinking the kinds of things I’m thinking while walking around in their street clothes?

    • radagast Says:

      Those thoughts do pop into my head on a regular basis as I walk around wondering who else in a particular place is a spanko.

  6. Well Shit! Now I have to think about this all night long. It’s not like I don’t have other stuff to think about – SSNY on the 11th, SL on Labor Day Weekend, OTK night in between – thanks so much, Rad, for making my weekend SUCK!

  7. I can honestly say it’s a need for me Rad. In fact, sometimes the need is stronger than the want, if that makes sense. I too crave it more when I’m having a bad week etc…

    It’s interesting how similar it sounds to people who have addictions. I’ve watched friends and family battle alcoholism, drugs, gambling etc…and they want it most when life dropkicks them in the head. They want it all the time…but especially at those times.

    I also seem to desire spanking more when I’m in extra vanilla environments, like childrens birthday parties, family functions, and church. I was in church (don’t ask!) and I kept thinking about me bent over a tops lap…with his big meaty thuddy hands…my naked bottom…and lots of scolding…why? Why? I somehow manage to make it through most days without this visual…why in church? It felt so wrong. I kept shaking my head hoping the visual would fall out. But…it didn’t.

    • radagast Says:

      Like there’s anything else to think about in church.

      I agree that when things get stressful for me in vanilla life, my kink tends to assert itself by giving me something else to think about. The unfortunate thing is when it’s at an inopportune time and you can’t act upon it. Then it becomes frustration.

  8. Jules, Church is pretty much the BEST place for those kinds of thoughts, in my opinion!

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