Another Ultra Short Story

I tend not to like to be too wordy yet convey enough to set a mood and describe the action. Here is another short vignette freshly written. Enjoy.

The Meaning of Grounded

She lay as still as she had been told she must be. Face down on her bed, her dress pulled up, panties down around her knees and two pillows lifting her bottom up. The room was dark except for small amount of illumination from a night light just inside the door. The house was quiet except for the voices of her parents downstairs. They were not speaking loudly but she could hear them discussing her.

Her bottom still felt the warm sting of the spanking she had gotten earlier in the evening. She had tried to sneak out when she thought her parents asleep but her father had been waiting for her on the porch. His disapproving stare had made her heart sink as had the dark tone in his voice when he had asked, “What’s the meaning of grounded?” He had not waited for an answer but grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her towards the chair he had been sitting in. She imagined the neighbors could hear it when he took her across his lap, bared her bottom and spanked her ferociously. He had been angry and the intensity of the spanking and the scolding he gave her told her as much. She had begged him to stop, saying she was sorry but he would have none of it. He spanked her until he grew tired from it then sent her to her room with orders to get ready for more.

And so she waited on her bed for what was coming. The tears had subsided but not the sinking feeling inside her. She did not know why she had done what she did, why she had challenged him. But she had and was paying the price that he had set and she had demanded by her actions. He entered the room and she looked over to see him working the heavy leather belt through the loops of his pants. She knew it would hurt and that he would not stop whipping her until she was thoroughly punished. As he walked to the side of her bed, she promised herself that she would take it all without giving him the satisfaction of any overt reaction.

“Why must you be so bad”, he said. There was hint of disappointment in his voice.

As he lifted his arm, the tears flowed from her eyes even before the first stroke fell.


11 Responses to “Another Ultra Short Story”

  1. Laura T Says:

    There is something I like about the idea of the disciplinarian who is a bit detattched in that he gets to the hard stuff and is not disuaded by pleads tears… etc. Of course I want to stick a label on it like passionately detattched or something. Ok, I like the idea of that in fantasy… in reality, um.. yeah.. that is something else. But it is hottness in a story.

    Disclaimer. I am a warped human being.

  2. Loved this.

  3. That was really good.

  4. Jasmine Says:

    Ooooooooo. Yummy.

  5. IrishRed Says:

    Ack! Pushed my buttons, definitely.

  6. exacting harshness certainly can have its place…

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