Going Non-Vanilla Tonight

Sandy and I will be at the MSA party, crammed into a slightly tight space with some good friends. It will be a lot of fun as there will be plenty of spankings and other painful activities to enjoy.

I’d say that I hope I don’t get worn out but I’m never good at burning the candle at only one end. I tend to burn it in the middle as well.


2 Responses to “Going Non-Vanilla Tonight”

  1. Hope you guys had a good time – wish I could have been there!

  2. ..hadn’t even heard there was an msa party. Hmmm. Or, not.
    I hope a good..or at least decent time was had by all. I’d always found that loft cozy and inviting.. if not a little hot. But, whats a spanking party without some heat. Oh I ate hummus all right..nice horseradish hummus..with toasted pita chips I actually cut and toasted MYSELF ( go me!) but alas.. I ate them alone..at work.

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