Written This Morning

In about 15 minutes. A tiny sliver of fiction in a fit of creativity. Note: Most of the action is implied.


His coworkers imagined him a cruel man. They passed him in the hallways silently as they willed their eyes to glance in his direction for no more than a second at a time. He walked with a purpose, an aim that was inexorably set as a constant destination from which there was no deviation. He took his lunch at a corner table of the lounge alone, his attention always focused on a stack of papers he brought with him wherever he went. The teachers did not like him. The administration did not like him. The students and parents did not like him. Another man might have crumbled at the continuous and smoldering hatred that surrounded him but this was not the case. If he paid attention at all it was to merely shrug off the inconvenience of these outside thoughts as he went about his day.

That he kept his job amidst such negative sentiment reflected the effectiveness of his duties as a disciplinarian. No one could bend and mold the will of students more efficiently nor inevitably. Nothing would sway him or make him pause as he put into practice his belief in harsh and unwavering justice. His methods were stern and punitive but often revealed themselves to be as much about correction as they were about punishment. The students who felt his fury never forgave but also never forgot the desolation of standing before his desk as the heavy wooden door clicked shut behind them.

He fashioned their pain with his merciless hands in a corner office far from apathy.


12 Responses to “Written This Morning”

  1. awesome!

  2. Wow…(would have said awesome, but Lisa took it!).

  3. we are a people of few words.

  4. I think desolation and apathy are words vastly underused…

  5. Laura T Says:


    And miscreant was not used once. God bless you!

  6. This is not a criticism, just a comment. It’s the thing that immediately popped into my mind as I read.

    In real life, anyone who is an effective disciplinarian that can bend and mold the will of students efficiently is bound to LOVED by his/her coworkers.

  7. I thought this was hot, too. Didn’t get a chance to say that yesterday. I like that scary teacher fantasy…

  8. Sounds like Snape, Rad. 😀

    • radagast Says:

      Not having read Harry Potter (only saw the first two films), I understand the reference even if I don’t quite get the specifics of the character.

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