Implement Curiosity

I love leather especially straps of all widths and thicknesses. From really soft flexible kinds to stiffer nasty ones, I just love a good strap. A leather belt is good, too. Eventually, I’d like to get a real honest to goodness razor strop — I’ll have to shop for that. Something else has caught my eye recently and fed into the whole schoolmaster thing that’s part of my kinky fantasy life.

Simple put, I want a martinet. I saw a couple of real nice ones on the London Tanner site recently. Here they are on this page at Ian’s site. Nice, huh? I’m leaning towards the Master’s Martinet Whip in black. It looks nasty and still has that traditional feel to it but more importantly, it probably leaves nice marks on a naughty backside. Yes, I know that I have a reputation as a nice, gentle spanker but I like marks all the same.

The reason this implement excites me is because one of my core fantasies is to be the harsh schoolmaster and by harsh, I mean harsh. Unyielding, humorless and strict — quick to raise a voice and just as quick to hand out punishment. This is a person in my mind that instills fear in students. Sure, they might think they can get away with bad behavior but will think twice after seeing a few of their classmates whipped until they cry. I just got a shiver thinking about that last bit. I’ve already expressed the desire to do a schoolroom scene with a small group of women at some point in the future but I’ll add that I would have no use for a scene that was anything other than deadly serious. No campiness at all, no excessive bratting or else. Oh, to rule a classroom with an iron fist — awesome headspace.

But I digress into fantasyland and stray off the point. I want a martinet and will have to get one very soon. Honestly, the thought of holding it in my hand and using it to great effect makes me want to let loose an evil laugh of the Mwa-ha-ha variety. I don’t think I’ve ever actually gone mwa-ha-ha in my life even though I suddenly feel the strong urge to do so. An implement, no matter how good, does not a Top make — but it sure can help.


23 Responses to “Implement Curiosity”

  1. Surprisingly enough, I actually own a martinet. I can not see me ever having it used on me other than over a bit of clothing (being the wimp that I am) and not severely although there is a certain amount of force required to make it land right.

    I have the le bon fesse one. It’s beautiful.

    I’m just an implementaholic and I get stuff I don’t even want used on me, but I think it’s really cool looking and I just had to have it!

  2. I agree with everything you wrote. By the way, Ian makes such high quality leather implements. I’ve been to vendor’s fairs where he wasn’t present, and it’s not the same. mwhahaha

  3. I love intensely serious, non-campy scenes too. Ultimate fantasy? a really protracted one. Not a smile or glint in the eye to be found at all. Subs don’t go muh-wahahah or however you spell it, but.. you get the idea. it’s that much sought after REALLY deep headspace that’s the goal. Not always, but once in a while .
    Leather toys= VERY hot. Cool. Something….

  4. you KNOW I want to be in that class… and I’m getting that brrrrrr feeling, too. Set something small up at Shadow Lane?

  5. I’m thinking we have a couple of LT’s martinets that we don’t use. I can’t remember if I gave them away or not. If not, we’ll send them out. They may need a bit of TLC and rehydration, but I’m sure you could take care of that.

  6. I am a great big roaring fan of all things leather. I have recently taken a couple of beatings with a martinet and I am also a fan. It’s heavy and harsh and it leaves huge marks and it’s scary but for some reason I can just *take* it.

    There is nothing like a proper schoolroom scene, properly played, without the usual goofy shriekery (that can be fine in its place, but…). There’s a difference between a “teacher” and a “schoolmaster” in my mind. Scarier, meaner, harsher, stricter. Mmmm.

  7. I mostly like to use my hand. Unless I’m doing an extra-kinky French Chef scene, then I’m just as likely to warm Lisa’s panties with a saute pan.

  8. Not sure about the martinet, but I so want to try to be a feisty schoolgirl in that scene…

    • radagast Says:

      Really? Feisty would not go over well at all.

      • I’m sure I’d give in eventually, and I might even regret that it took me so long. Or I might give in without a fight after I watched you strap Sandy, lol.

  9. swfloridabrat Says:

    I bought the Boudoir collection from Ian…and it has the Martinet in it…I had the distinct pleasure of having him wield it on me to teach the guys how to use it…nasty and wonderful!

  10. Tony…? Is there something you are trying to say? If you are gonna approach me with some teflon whatsit, you better know how to cook! LOL šŸ˜‰

    Rad, dontcha love that in ‘ our world’ ..mean, nasty, and scary are glowing accolades?? I do!

  11. ..I hadn’t noticed….

  12. “Yes, I know that I have a reputation as a nice, gentle spanker but I like marks all the same.”…WHAT??? Who is the guest blogger today?
    Seriously, I want to be in the class at SL. Please add me to the list. I love that particular headspace.
    Next – if you get a martinet, I never, ever want to play with you and it. My dear friend/Top/Dom has a martinet, and I’ve felt it many a time, and it’s really my last choice.

  13. Lordy, I’d love to be in that class as well. For some reason, my typically severe fantasies aren’t working for me these days. I think I need a bit more reality (of the harsh and severe kind).

    But alas, I live too far away. I wonder if and when we might get to play again since I don’t go to any of the big parties. I wish you could have a word with my husband and explain to him that my desires are not simply a passing phase, best ignored.

    • radagast Says:

      Sorry for your frustration. Not to get too serious but you really need to sit down and have a conversation with your husband about this subject.

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