In Local News…

Some changes in the New York scene coming soon.

Word on the street has it that the official Paddles OTK Night Munch is going to be run by a spanko couple familiar to many in NYC and around the country. Here are some hints: He’s a Top with a penchant for discipline and role play. She’s a switch who can take as well as give it hard. Both have attended many parties and even had their first play date at Paddles — an event that set them on the course towards a happy marriage.

OK, coyness is not my strong suit. Sandy and yours truly, the infamous Radagast, will be taking over the reins of the OTK Night Munch starting in August (there will not be an OTK Night in July so no munch). The munch has gone through many able hands over the years, all of the folks running it have given their all and it has shown. Sandy and I will hope to do their hard work justice and perhaps add our own stamp to the event. We’ve got some ideas that are percolating inside of our heads to make the Munch more fun and continue its role as a place where people who are stepping out into the scene for the first time and veterans alike can get together in a welcoming environment. It will, of course, continue to be a way to get a discount for OTK Night so that’s not shabby either.

The OTK Night Munch was my first foray into the spanking world and the first time I had met honest to goodness spankos other than Sandy. I remember that first time, sitting at the table with people who I knew felt what I felt about this kink we love so much. I came in nervous and left more relaxed. The rest is history. I know that Sandy and I both want that tradition to continue and flourish. The Munch will not have divisions of class, race, age or flavor of kink because Paddles does not. My feeling is that one has to be comfortable with all the people you may encounter because you are going to be hard pressed to separate yourself from them. We may not be one big happy family but a family of sorts we are (dysfunctionally so).

So, we take the plunge and either sink or swim. For better or for worse, we have accepted the challenge to make sure this tradition continues and the largesse of Paddles discounts is carried forth. There will hopefully also be lots of laughs, giveaways, contests, games and eventual spanking fun. We shall see.


19 Responses to “In Local News…”

  1. This is a very good thing. You two will be perfect for this position.

  2. Congratulations Rad and Sandy I am sure you will both do a great job and I wish you much success 😉

    • radagast Says:

      Thank you. Hopefully we can do for burgers and eggs over-easy what others have done for spanking parties.

  3. Well Done! ( this new development…not the burgers, please!) THAT’s what NYC needs; ORGANIZED mayhem! Rock on, R & S !

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  5. That’s awesome Rad. I’ve never been able to make a munch but I will definitely try to get a group together for the kick off munch in August. I’m really looking forward to it.


  6. Laura T Says:

    That is a good thing. I see lots of people laughing like crazy before going into Paddles and letting the fun continue. Perfect intro for people who are nervous about coming out or going to Paddles for the first time.

    • radagast Says:

      That’s exactly the kind of atmosphere we’re looking to create.

      • Laura T Says:

        I have no doubt that you two will be able to create that. Be as self deprecating as you want, Rad, but everyone (ok, Joel and I) gravitate towards you and Sandy because we know that is where all the fun is.

  7. Gongratulations Rad and Sandy. Sounds like it will be fun. I hope I can make it up there sometime.

  8. This is great! I just know you two will put your own special “thumb print” on it and that will make it wonderful I am sure! I havent made a munch in quite a while but I think Im going to start up again ;0)

  9. Way cool, you guys! I haven’t been able to make itto a munch in ages, but I will most certainly try to make one under your reign.

  10. IrishRed Says:

    Most excellent! I’ve no doubt you’ll handle the new challenge with charm, class and humor. Congratulations to both of you 🙂

  11. All I can is: good luck.

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