Birthday Spankings, Strappings and Canings

Last night at Paddles and there was even cake.

Sandy and I attended the TES talk hosted by our friend Jules (proprietor of SSNY) and paneled by three more of our friends. A spirited discussion about spanking, communication during scenes and other side issues. It left me with food for thought on a variety of subjects.

More importantly, it was a night to celebrate the birthdays of my lovely wife and a close friend of ours — both women share the same birthday (albeit in different years). I had taken Sandy out to dinner the night before but what is a birthday celebration in the scene without pain. We had a decent time with birthday spankings and my ramped up addition of a birthday strapping for Sandy — using my favorite London Tanner straps, Domestic Discipline and the nasty Irish School Strap — and a birthday caning for our friend. I also gave a brief yet satisfying OTK spanking to a friend of ours visiting from out of town and yet another to a bratty girl because that’s what bratty girls get.

We also had cake provided by the handy supermarket bakery just across 8th Avenue — delicious yellow birthday cake with vanilla frosting. Yum. TES was also throwing a party that evening so I partook of their spread of Italian goodies — the eggplant was terrific.

All in all a good evening filled with fun although we did leave a little late (2 am) which leaves me feeling tired this morning. Coffee is needed. As to the issues that have been in my thoughts over the last week — they continue to percolate towards an outcome.


6 Responses to “Birthday Spankings, Strappings and Canings”

  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all, Rad…I wish I could have been there. (And, Happy Belated Birthday, Sandy!!!)

  2. I loved my strapping … left me in the perfect head space.

  3. I’m glad you & Sandy find the Irish School Strap to be nasty, too! It *looks* so innocent!

    • radagast Says:

      The Irish School Strap is my second favorite, just below the DD strap and edging out the rat tail.

  4. I have a strap and remember some girls three of them on one evenings encounter used it on me and none of them could apply it hard enough on me despite my repeated requests. They promised to be better next time but unfortunately there was not a next time and i’m still waiting in hope.

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