FMS: Wrapping It All Up

The Tropical Beach Party 2009 is over and once again I come home tired, stunned and most assuredly happy.

We’re home and the cats are back where they belong. The flight home was uneventful and pleasantly on-time. A bunch of the New York spanking community were aboard this flight: Sandy and me, Jules, Chloe, Djinn and of course Richard Windsor, winner of this years trivia contest.

Yes, we lost thanks to another bastard Brit, Charles Dickens and his insufferable novel Great Expectations. The question that killed us featured some minute bit of nonsense from that piece of hack work — a garbage novel not worth the attempt to wipe an American ass with. Nevertheless, Richard Windsor certainly possessed the knowledge to win the trophy (which he proceeded to wave at us out the cab window at JFK — poor sportsmanship, that). To the single-mindedly obsessed with winning victor go the spoils. Moving right along…

Saturday ended up filled with role-play — one of my favorite activities — my thanks to all the women who played along with me because you were all so good that it made me feel like I knew what I was doing. Although I must admit, after five role-playing sessions in one day, I went to bed unclear as to whether I was a teacher, a dad, an uncle or a third cousin twice removed (but no pirates — this year). I will also admit that I did it again and beat the crap out of my hand spanking so hard for a string of sessions in a row. It’s my preferred way to spank although I do use the occasional implement (leather for the most part). A couple of disposable bandages aside, I wouldn’t have given up any of the sessions I had for anything. Very special moments with some very special people — thoroughly enjoyed despite the cracked hands.

I took it easy for the most part on Sunday although I did get in a couple of very good spanking sessions here and there (some way too short). There were some missed connections (sad about that) but also a number of people I met and played with for the first time, something I’m always delighted about. I also met a few people who I did not get to play with but got to know which is something I enjoy greatly as well. By the time Sunday night rolled around, I was dead tired but did not want the fun to end at all. I went to bed exhausted but content — what more could I ask for.

I would be remiss if I did not take some time to heap well-deserved praise on those who deserve it. FMS as a group and the Tropical Beach Party as a single event are among the best there is in the spanking community. For me, it doesn’t feel like any event where you pay your money and simply show up. The FMS group make sure that the atmosphere that surrounds you is not only friendly and safe but welcoming even to newcomers. I can’t do justice to the feeling I get when I’m around the folks there — it’s like being around a bunch of good friends who are there to have a good time yet take the time to make sure you are having a good time as well.

Last year, I had not been having a good time of it in the scene for about six months or so until I attended the Tropical Beach Party ’08. Not only did it rejuvenate me scene wise but the good time I had there created the drive for me to found Radspace and I have not looked back since (even if I’ve had a few bumps along the way). The rejuvenation I felt last year is mirrored this year with the realization that I really need to leave my job for greener pastures. I’ll be on the hunt for a new job starting right now because, honestly, life is too short to not do something that brings you some amount of fulfillment whether it’s the scene, vanilla life or a job.

So a boatload of thanks to Tony, Ian, Alona, Diane, Red, Gary and the others at FMS (feel free to include their names in the comments section if you know them and I will thank them personally) for making sure we all enjoyed ourselves. The Schoolgirl Assembly was terrifically fun for me to attend as was Strict Dave’s most excellent Spanking Court (and his Sunday night gaming session). However, I must continue to apologize to Fran for throwing her under the bus all for a punchline. It was funny but ultimately wrong. Bygones. Thanks to Cody and Nisha who used Dickens to provide a Brit with a post-Empire reason to have an ounce of pride. Finally, a big thank you to all who played with me, talked to me, broke bread with me and basically shared the experience with me — it was great and memories I won’t soon forget.

Tomorrow: Back to our regularly scheduled angst.


25 Responses to “FMS: Wrapping It All Up”

  1. IrishRed Says:

    Okay … on the first round of reading I made it halfway through paragraph three. I then had to pick myself up off the floor where I fell laughing, wipe off the screen, where I had spit copious amounts of beverage, and start from the beginning. I did manage to make it past that classic paragraph, but it wasn’t easy.

    I’m glad you and Sandy enjoyed yourselves. I took great pleasure in watching others have a good time, and it was Sandy who gave me one of my most enjoyable observances when she took a certain young lady from NY over her knee and walloped the daylights out of her (and she called that a “warning” only ???) Awesome, absolutely awesome.

    May I recommend a product for you, Rad? I picked up a tube of hand cream for Ian at Bath and Body Works called Hemp. It’s supposed to be excellent for men’s hands (I know mechanics that swear by it, and a young man who suffers very dry skin … although it doesn’t seem to make Ian’s hand any softer) Not the cheapest stuff in the world but not overly pricey, either. It might help with the healing.

    Anyhow, I’m glad I worked up enough nerve to speak to you a couple of times. Next time I hope it’s more than a couple of sentences about your blog, and the joys of eating a folded slice of pizza. 🙂

    • radagast Says:

      Thank you, Red — your efforts did not go unnoticed. Thanks also for the advice on the hand cream which I will look into.

      As for speaking to me: It’s not quantity but quality that counts and a few words exchanged about folded pizza are far more satisfying than thousands of words about some imbecile nicknamed Pip and his crazy aunt. However, I will more than likely go out of my way to engage you further at the next opportunity.

  2. It’s remarkable to read/observe such unrestrained enthusiasm…! Glad you seemed to have a time there in FLA that surpassed even your most hopeful aspirations!

    It’s very nice when things can find their level and that a group like FMS can all be such convivial, kindred spirits.

    I only know such folks tangentially..but, glad to be part of the ‘spanking community’ nonetheless..even though there are vastly different ways in which to explore and experience it.

    ON the career redirection:Change is good. Happy you are embracing it. You are right that life is DAMNED short.

    AS far as the Brits..well, I have MASSIVE new -found appreciation! 🙂

    • radagast Says:

      And don’t think I have not been noticing this “new found appreciation”. Funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?

  3. Glad you and the missus had such a jolly good time, old chap. Even though I couldn’t be there, I sincerely like to know that there are good events out there for spanko types such as ourseleves. My last experience at a spanking party was pretty dismal, so I am looking forward to attending an event like the FMS tropical beach party in the not-so-distant future, and hopefully be reinvigorated such as you had described experiencing.

    • radagast Says:

      I went in with the mindset that I was going to have a good time and that’s exactly what I had. If I were to measure fun in only one way, I might be disappointed. However, if “fun” doesn’t just boil down to “spanking non-stop with everyone I can get my hands on”, then everything becomes enjoyable.

  4. It was great chatting with you and Sandy. I had such a fabulous time. I so needed a vacation and a recharge of my spankee batteries. Now I need a vacation to recover from the FMS!!

    • radagast Says:

      It was great chatting with you as well. I suppose real life is my vacation from FMS (and fun).

  5. “Funny how things work out..”.
    Rather miraculous..actually.
    Guess I did something right, my life.

  6. swfloridabrat Says:

    Red and Gary are the other Board members who broke their backs working to make the party fantastic. I was the one who told you that I am intimidated by you-and I still am, even after breaking bread with you….the way you handled the “scene” at the restaurant was both noticed and appreciated…Thank you!

    • radagast Says:

      First of all, kudos to Red and Gary for a terrific job because the “fantastic” was obviously achievable in their capable hands (updated the post to include their names).

      I really don’t want people to be intimidated by me — I’m very friendly. Maybe I’m just a little bit intense.

  7. Rad it was really great to see you and Sandy. I really think the fixers were in on the Trivia just so you could come back and regain the Title for an even bigger purse in 2010 Rather than be forced into retirement.
    I don’t think E Hemingway made any references to spanking no matter how obscure but I have the Trivia research dept working on it. See you in NY July

    • radagast Says:

      Ian, it’s always good to see you and the whole Florida gang and look forward to seeing you next month. If not Hemingway, I’m sure that Herman Melville probably has a reference or two tucked in somewhere in his books.

  8. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. That party is a helluva lot of work but so worth it when we see the results…so many friends, new and old, all having fun. There were many moments that I enjoyed with you but I have to say that one of my favourites was the Southern lawyer at CP Court. Kitty holocaust indeed! Thank you (and your lovely wife) for making a good party even better.

    • radagast Says:

      It was fun getting to know you a little better considering the fact that last year we probably exchanged only a handful of words.

  9. Oops, that was me! Can you tell I don’t blog much?

  10. swfloridabrat Says:

    and congrats on deciding to move on with your career…in this economy, that is a very brave decision. I wish you well.

  11. Rad, it was great to get to know you a little more. Like Diane, you intimidated me at first (actually you scared the hell out of me! *grin*) but with the lunch, the small chats and the chance to talk, I found myself very comfortable. Now, maybe I’ll get up the nerve next time to ask for a play date….

    I was very impressed with your handling of things at lunch. Thanks for doing that.

    Good luck with the new career move! HL and I hope to get back up to NY for another SSNY party – maybe in Dec. See you then.


    • radagast Says:

      I have yet to understand where all this intimidation talk is coming from. I really don’t feel very intimidating unless someone annoys me, then the gloves are off.

      It was good getting to know you and HL a little better, too. Perhaps next time I will be the one asking for a play date.

      As for the lunch thing — it was my pleasure. Literally. It amused me to do it to no end.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t know where the intimidation thing comes from either. You’re an absolutely funny, funny guy, but you also have … “it.” Except I can’t describe what “it” is. Whatever it is, it’s a good thing.

    A quick correction for you (or anyone else who may be interested). Hemp hand cream was gotten at The Body Shop, not Bath and Body Works. Hey, it’s all smelly stuff, y’know? And they both have the word body in it. But I did notice the error when I opened my wallet earlier and saw my (expired) discount card.

    Okay, I corrected my mistake and the planets are now back in alignment. Next topic … 🙂

  13. I am slowly creeping my way back onto the internet after ignoring it most of the weekend. It was great getting to know you both a little better, and Matlock/Foghorn Leghorn was a highlight for me as well. We got back into Ireland this morning and have just woken up from the worlds longest and most-needed nap.

    I am glad to be home, but it was a great party.

  14. “Richard Windsor certainly possessed the knowledge to win the trophy (which he proceeded to wave at us out the cab window at JFK — poor sportsmanship, that).”

    Just wait til you see what he has planned for next year. That guy has a head the size of Texas, I tell ya!

    While we didn’t officially meet, it was nice to put faces to names. 🙂


  15. Rad, it was a pleasure, once again, to make your acquaintance. And, I, like a certain redhaired young lady, also enjoyed seeing a certain NY misbehaving lady across Cassandra’s lap for a good dose of parental discipline. And, here all this time I thought Red was cleaning up and such, too busy to notice. *chuckling* Like yourself, I had a great time and met many people, conversing and spanking both were a plesure. Hope to see both of you again at another party. Oh yes, perhaps it is your dry sense of humor that seems intimidating to others. To me it is quite humorous. Thanks again for spending some time with a fairly newbie at the parties.


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