FMS Day Two Report

I’m in the midst of Day Three of our FMS trip and I am just recovering enough to jot down a few things about the previous day.

I did the Twitter thing saying that things were sort of a whirlwind of activity on Friday. Yes, there was the official start of the party, the vendor’s fair, playing with folks and just reconnecting with people that I’d not seen in a long time. It was a lot of fun but a touch hectic and a little warmer than I like in the ballroom — I prefer A.C. cranked up as high was you can get it without if dimming the lights. Even though it was a fun first day, there was something that happened that I thought was most important if not the most.

My wife Sandy and I took time out for each other in the middle of the afternoon. I won’t go into details because I really don’t think they are important to what I’m saying. There are times when we connect in ways that are a step above the regular sorts of play and intimacy — this was one of those times. Rather than be inundated with the mundane stresses of our vanilla lives which can drain the energy that we would devote to ourselves, we decided quite simply to use a portion of our day for only each other. It was beyond wonderful for me and just one of those moments that are special in only the way that the two of us can express to each other. Maybe it’s being on vacation that relaxes a person but whatever the reason, we made a wise choice to set time aside. The maid walking in twice while we were busy was somewhat bothersome but I think she was embarrassed to have done it (and knew what the hell was going on or at least suspected it).

I have multiple play sessions set aside for this afternonon, the first start in a couple of hours. It’s busy, busy, busy for the rest of the day what with the banquet and damnable trivia contest. My competitive nature wants me to give it my best try and to win — however, there is something in me that is hoping that I lose.


3 Responses to “FMS Day Two Report”

  1. Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. I wish I was there. : /

  2. It WAS wonderful. Thanks for writing that, babe.

  3. Great post Rad. It’s nice to read about you and your close bond and connection to Sandy. And since I’m writing this after I know the results of the trivia contest… congrats on the outcome. It sounds like you will be happy with the outcome. =)

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