FMS Report 01.2

A nice dinner with friends and then an unfortunate slip of the tongue.

I want to state flat out that one of the reasons I love coming down here is to go to the eatery known as Crabby Bill’s. A great seafood place that’s sort of a combination of sit-down restaurant and beachside seafood shack. The prices are great, too, which makes this New Yorker smile. The FMS contingent was in control of a good portion of the place but I think we kept the trouble down to a bare minimum — I think. We were all probably too loud but, hey, it happens.

Afterwards it was time to get ready for a few impromptu suite parties consisting of too much junk food, Diet Mountain Dew (have to keep awake), way too much time spent trying to figure out the name of some cruddy zombie movie and, of course, spanking. Easing my way into the weekend, I kept my spanking activities very compact, briefly spanking four bratty girls in the span of a few minutes. Very efficient plus there’ll be time for more lengthy excursions later on.

With all that free time, it got my mouth moving as usual and I let slip what I thought was a very funny line meant to be totally in jest. Without mincing too many words, I compared my defeating a certain someone in a certain trivia contest to “gut-punching a retarded baby”. Perhaps a poor analogy full of hyperbole but it was a good line and being a ham, I can never pass up the chance to deliver the showstopper.

The evening ended with me dead tired and slinking back to my room before I said anything else.


7 Responses to “FMS Report 01.2”

  1. hmm. funny. I’D laugh (but.. that’s just me). I suppose I can see where calling someone ‘retarded’ ..even in jest…might be taken the wrong way..

    hope the weather is good there. It’s rather dismal up here at the moment…

    • radagast Says:

      The weather is strange but I suppose this is normal for Florida. Sunny then dark then sunny again then rain then heavy rain then sun.

      • scChris Says:

        It’s Florida’s rainy season. After a long period of drought they are finally getting some precipitation.

  2. I’m sure it’s always ‘sunny’ indoors, however!

  3. Laura T Says:

    Have a great weekend! I would have chuckled at that line, seeing as I know how you are and well, laughing at it is just as bad.

    Enjoy those afternoon thunderstorms. I Know you’ll find a way to keep yourself occupied.

  4. as a country girl, I’m a big fan of the indoors, as well.

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