FMS Report 01.1

We get on the plane and settle into our seats. Rather than force one of us to take a middle seat, I picked two aisle seats across from each other. A tiny bit more room and you don’t have to say excuse me to get up. Did we leave on time?

Of course not but not because of congestion on the runway. A person sitting on the right side of the place noticed some shiny piece hanging off one of the flaps on the wing. It did not instill confidence when a worried looking captain said to the flight attendant, “I see it, too”. Luckily we still at the gate so maintenance came out to investigate. Eventually they discovered that it was some sort of coating that goes between the flap and wing to reduce vibration during flight. They basically fixed it with duct tape and told us not to worry — but how can you not have that in your mind the whole flight? A piece of tape is holding the wing together.

An hour delay but we finally got going. No more mishaps and we arrived in Tampa one hour later than planned — no big deal. Gate, luggage and rental car happened very quickly and I was impressed how fast we got on the road. The drive was very quick as well and before we knew it, we were checking into our room. The first order of business was obvious at a spanking party — we went to the supermarket to buy stuff for the room.

The suite is nice and has a kitchenette with fridge, electic stove and microwave. Now we can save money on breakfast and still have cereal, eggs and coffee. I bet I could make a roast in the microwave if I tried. Hmm.

Currently relaxing before dinner. More later when things start getting interesting.


3 Responses to “FMS Report 01.1”

  1. you both made it! congrats! ..guess that tape is pretty flippin’ strong!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, duct tape used to be called “duck tape” but people tended to associate phonetically, and eventually the miracle tape was in fact being used to secure ducts… so duct tape is now the most commonly used name.

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