FMS & Those Trivial Matters

I’m not going to write about printing out boarding passes or remembering toiletries for a trip. Who really cares about that stuff anyway? No, this is much more important than that — to some people.

Two years ago, my wife Sandy went to FMS alone because a family issue at the last moment kept me from attending. During her stay there, she happened to win the Trivia Contest that coincides with the Saturday night banquet. Last year, my first year there, we played as a team — lo and behold, we won. That’s two years in a row and something which seems to have gotten under the skin of some very competitive people out there. I just want to state that a little game of trivia is suppposed to be a fun diversion that makes people laugh and helps create an atmosphere of joy. That’s not the way I play.

A little story to illustrate. I was and am a big fan of the game Trivial Pursuit. It first arrived on the scene back in the 80s when I was in college and immediately caught on. I played it a lot — all the editions I could get my hands on. The people playing with me were rightly impressed with my vast storehouse of knowledge on a multitude of subjects yet still felt the constant need to unseat me from my throne as their better. One such game consisted of four people, three of whom were quite vocal in their desire to defeat me. I decided to play fair and stated that the game would be set up as follows: The three of them on one team against me — I’d spot them two of the pieces of their choice and still win. Boy, did that bit of arrogance piss them off. To shorten the tale, what I predicted happened. Even with their head start and three heads, my superior intellect and library-like mind crushed them completely and utterly. It was so sad that I even felt a pang of pity as they got one answer wrong after another only to see me carve a path of Shermanesque destruction to my inevitable victory.

I honestly don’t really care about winning this particular game at FMS but my wife and I will defend our title. The only reason I mention it at all is that there are people out there making a little too much noise about knocking us off our perch and, honestly, that’s not very friendly (or reality-based). However, I will be a good player and provide you the proper amount of sympathy when you lose — unless we lose. In that case, we threw the game and let you win.


14 Responses to “FMS & Those Trivial Matters”

  1. You may have won the FMS trivia game but how adorable was the team of Jersey John and Jules! Sure my partner was dumb as a post but we looked good. Doesn’t that count?

    I would also like to thank you in advance for throwing the game this year and letting me win. You shouldn’t have. Really 😀

    • radagast Says:

      The team you mention was very cute but still roadkill on the trivia highway. As for your other point, our throwing of the game does not guarantee victory for any of the other teams. Once Sandy and I have taken ourselves out of the contest, it merely becomes a battle of wits among the remaining mundanes.

  2. ROFLMAO This should be a very entertaining Trivia contest…I can’t wait to see it! (especially with Richard_Windsor being sure HE can win too!) It must be something in the NY water.

  3. If you have read anything by me, and I have written about it a few times, I do hope that you understand that it is done with nothing but good fun and good intentions in mind.

    Do I want to take the crown from you guys? Quite honestly, it doesn’t really matter at all. A little bit of pre trivia fun is all good though. Truth of the matter is, I will probably forget about it and not even sign up 🙂

    If this is to do with anything that I said, Rad, then I apologize, my whole intention is just to have a bit of fun with it and some playful barracking.


    • radagast Says:

      Does no one appreciate my sarcasm? Why the hell would anyone need to apologize to me just for having fun?

      • I didn’t pick up on it, no, so in that case, screw the apology, I’m taking you two down this year!! 😉

        Then you will have to live a whole year knowing that you lost to an Englishman.

        Put that one in your pipe 🙂

  4. Rad,

    Sorry I can’t be at FMS this summer, so I won’t have to upstage you at the Trivia contest. So, in the spirit of helping you keep the crown, I offer a few trivia questions to warm you up. (We all know the importance of a good warm up, right?)

    1. What is peculiar about Harry Truman’s middle name?
    2. Which president served the shortest term?
    3. What is the country once known as the Belgian Congo?
    4. Where did the Los Angeles Lakers originate?
    5. In what league did the Cleveland Browns win four straight championships?
    6. Why are the Cleveland Browns called the Browns?
    7. What is the best selling album of all time?
    8. What was the first capitol of Ohio?

    No Googling! 🙂

    Have fun, and bring home the trophy!

    • radagast Says:

      No Googling was done but here are the answers:

      1. His middle name is Tickleballs.
      2. Millard Fillmore — he was 4 foot 9
      3. Starbucks
      4. France
      5. Premier League
      6. Because the Cleveland Hashmarks was taken
      7. Victor Borge Sings Songs of Love
      8. O

  5. radagast Says:

    Richard Windsor said: Then you will have to live a whole year knowing that you lost to an Englishman.

    Game on! I have more than a few comebacks but I’ll save them for a live audience — they’ll be more effective that way.

  6. Wow, somebody else remembers Victor Borge!

  7. Thanks for the laughs, Rad & commenters. Can’t wait to watch you and Sandy in action. I do hope Jules will pick a better partner this year. 🙂

  8. I soooo wish I was going to FMS, just so I could unseat Rad. I’m pretty sure I could win, despite his obvious advantage in head circumference.

  9. I like to say I’m not competitive but actually I’m just a terrible loser. I think Frank is getting delusions of grandure about this game and I am going to be dragged along for the ride/humiliation.

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