It’s Always Sunny…

In the spanking scene.

Oh, my dear spanking world, how I love thee. The sense of calm that permeates your shores on a constant basis is a beacon to my weary soul. People who enter this wondrous place are overcome with waves of blissfulness that lift them up like the gentlest of tides. The most fragrant of flowers bloom everywhere in a veritable explosion of happy colors. Spirits rise as an all-encompassing aura of goodwill and comity bring a smile to the lips of your habitants.

It is a blithesome place beyond the mirror, over the rainbow and down the rabbit hole. People who cross the event horizon of this expanse have their cares and worries expeditiously vaporized. The twin rulers of this mythical land are christened Tolerance and Patience of which no short supply exists. The strains of lovely music are a neverending composition that remind those who listen that there is no better place in all of creation.

The sun shines. Oh, does it shine! The whole of the spanking world is bathed in its positive glory. Nay, it never burns but caresses us with compassionate kisses of warmth. Gloom and repugnancy are banished by decree allowing the citizenry to wander innocently without fear or enmity or rancor or covetousness. The spanking world is an astonishing land of miracle without compare.

I must stop now, dear readers, or suffer the risk that the feelings of joy that are entwined around my throat tighten further and throttle me with their loving magnanimity.


7 Responses to “It’s Always Sunny…”

  1. good adjectives! and just think.. there is still Florida you have to look forward to. The ultimate in sublime bliss for all ‘seekers’….

  2. Oh dear me. Thank goodness for the subject tags. Ahem.

  3. Good drugs?

  4. OMG, I think someone’s been down the rabbit hole a little too long!

    Reminder to self: go look up “comity.” I know it doesn’t have anything to do with Dane Cook…

  5. Wednesday Says:

    Oh whatever. You know the health risks of breath play, yes?

    –Snarky Wednesday

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