Can One Overdo It?

I mean seriously — can there be too much fun crammed into one evening? This is an enigma wrapped in a riddle topped with cheese whose answer, in this case, is a resounding, “No”.

It’s almost 11 am and I just got up. The sun is out, it’s windy, an army of kids is playing team sports in the park across the street, loudly — I am drinking coffee trying to kickstart my brain. I wrote about a particular shindig last time around which has become one of the landmark parties during the year. Last night, the Mrs. and I went to a more private and local affair thrown by a couple of friends of ours. A lovely mix of spankos and other related kinksters just getting together for what I can only describe as Teh Crazy.

We don’t really go to too many private house parties during the year because it always seems that someone we don’t know is the host which means no invite. That was not the case Saturday evening as it was an event we were asked by the hosts to attend. Actually, it’s Sandy that’s invited, I come along as a legally mandated attachment (i.e. Husband). We arrive what I imagine is fashionably late but I guess the internal clock I inherited from my father conspires to make it just early enough to get there before anything has really started.

I don’t feel comfortable going into many details because I would not want to risk exposing people who would rather their activities stayed behind closed doors. Suffice it to say that if I had to use words to describe the mood that developed, it is “wild abandon”. There’s just something that is ultimately liberating about a bunch of people getting together and having fun without some overlord standing there with rules and regulations — you can’t do this, you can’t do that and make sure this other thing never happens. I’m all for rules in the proper context because life would be chaos without them. However, there are times when you just want to say “Feh” to the rules and just have a good time. I should have been spanked-out by the end of the evening but oddly enough, I could have kept going. It seems periodic rests are a good thing for recharging the batteries. Must remember that for future parties.

There’s just something both wrong and right with driving home after a party and seeing the sky in the horizon get lighter. I probably couldn’t do this on a regular basis but for some reason it was the perfect thing to happen yesterday/early today. My only complaint: No hummus. My fault, though — I’ll bring my own next time.


10 Responses to “Can One Overdo It?”

  1. when it’s right, it’s right ( and even when it’s wrong, it can be decent)
    Sounds like you had a cathartically amazing time. Kudos! take a damn nap!

  2. cathartic…..cleansing. Cleansing = uhhh..did you get an enema or something??

  3. “Thereโ€™s just something both wrong and right with driving home after a party and seeing the sky in the horizon get lighter.”

    LOL – We used to call that “The walk of shame”. It’s when you’re coming up the front walk and it’s getting lighter out, the birds are chirping, the neighbor just came out in his bathrobe to get the morning paper… and you’re just getting home for the night! Shameful, but oh so worth it!

    I love when a night comes together like it sounds like yours and Sandy’s did last night. Glad you had fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. *looks around….and behind me*..nope. no enemas ‘over here’ either.. all totally clean without ’em.

  5. spankingsarahgregory2 Says:

    I had an amazing time too. It was great to talk with you more. You are a really cool guy.

  6. I couldn’t agree more, sitting in a room without judgement is pretty cathartic, and I think it is safe to say that a good number of us learnt a lot while at the same time probably teaching something as well. Now if they could just somehow get the temperature down below 75 I would be a whole lot more comfortable, but hey, I would imagine that somewhere there is a fetish for that as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. @RW…. Sweatplay. It’s all the rage.

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