I Look Forward To It

Florida Moonshine. FMS. Just around the corner and not a moment too soon.

This year’s Tropical Beach Party, hosted by the lovely folks at FMS, is not just something I’m quite psyched about but something of a milestone. It was coming back from that party that prompted me to start writing Radspace. More than any other event, last year’s event, my first, was what truly got me out of the rut that I’d carved for myself and set me on the path to truly enjoying my time in the spanking scene.

I’ve related before that sometime in late ’07 and early ’08, I had become mired in a deep funk — a combination of real life troubles and dissatisfaction with the scene. By the time the FMS party had rolled around, I had already begun digging my way out of the dark place but something about the good time that I had there really shut the door on most of the negativity that had kept me from having fun.

I can’t be absolutely certain if any one thing did it for me but I have to say that the days I spent there with my lovely wife and good friends was the most relaxed I’d ever been with being out in the scene. I’m certain that the laid back atmosphere of the venue had a lot to do with it but it’s more than that. The mix of people at that party seemed to keep the scene drama to a minimum (at least anywhere near me). It seemed as if most if not all the folks there were feeling as relaxed as I was and that truly created a non-pressure vibe that made the party most welcoming to even an overthinker of my caliber. Although I’m a huge fan of the Shadow Lane parties, which combine the best of spanking and non-stop gambling, FMS was great because it was different.

Every party provides its own vibe. FMS, SL, SSNY, MSA, the rest of the spanking alphabet and even smaller gatherings are each unique unto themselves. Some are hectic, some make me feel angsty, others  make me feel relaxed — sometimes it’s what I bring on any particular day that provides some of the vibe as well. This is what keeps going to these different events interesting because none make me feel like I’m doing the same thing the same way over and over again.

So I’m ready for Florida, the beach, warm weather, watching the sun set over the water, spanking (of course), hanging out with friends and making new ones. Oh, and kicking back to allow the stress to drain away if only for a little while.


17 Responses to “I Look Forward To It”

  1. Ahh..to be so lucky! I’m sure you will have a blast. Get a tan for the rest of us stuck back east, will ya?

  2. radagast Says:

    I avoid the sun — skin cancer and all that.

  3. no sun at the beach? well THAT sucks.

  4. swfloridabrat Says:

    thank you for the kind words-we are looking forward to hosting it, also…and I hope I get over being intimidated by you:)

    • radagast Says:

      I still don’t understand why people are intimidated by me. Is it the look? The goatee scares people — too Satanic.

  5. its prob more the relentless hard hand..and threat of it.. than the goatee….
    just sayin’…

  6. IrishRed Says:

    Well, no … because some of us intimidatees have never even played with him 🙂 It’s a good kinda scare, tho. I hope you’re able to make it down here one day, Lisa.

    I’m adding my thanks to Diane’s. You really did say some nice things, Rad, and it’s very much appreciated by all who are busting butt to make the parties as comfortable (so to speak) as possible.

  7. @Irish.. I’d love to. Sadly, My job and JOB as a mom and dog owner ( oh..and that minor little bitch of a detail called money) prevent it.

    I literally can’t recall the last time I had a vacation at ALL ..let alone a spanking one! Maybe someday. I have heard overwhelmingly good things about FMS…across the board.
    I can personally attest that , yes, with Rad ( cover your ears, Rad) it’s a good scare..a very good scare. Dammit. THERE goes his ego. Rats.

  8. will you autograph it?

  9. We are so excited about this it’s not even funny. I hate being out in the sun as well but I love to look out my window and SEE the sun, especially after a long cold wet Irish year.

    I have to say though, the 6 hour trans-Atlantic flight home is less than awesome after these parties. But I’m not going to think about that yet!

  10. Count me in as excited about the Beach Party!

  11. swfloridabrat Says:

    why intimidated? Hm, maybe because, while I haven’t had the pleasure yet of playing with you, I have seen what your wife can and (happily) does take…and then I read the reports-and your reputation precedes you…yep, that’s my story and I am sticking to it:)

  12. I’m just ready for some warmth (weather wise)…there’s snow in the forecast for tonight here. (that better NOT happen!) This year I’ll try not to burn though.

  13. katy-lynn Says:

    I am very much looking forward to my first FMS party.

    I also avoid the sun as I am very fair skinned and a red head. No tan in my future. lol

    As to playing with Rad, at the risk of increaseing his cranial circumfrence, hehehee, lets just say he is among my favorite play partners. It is very much a good scare…

    See you all soon 🙂

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