Spanking In NYC

Things have definitely picked up considerably in less than a year. Right around this time in 2008, I was bitching and moaning about there not being enough good spanking events in New York City let alone a really big event. When I got back from FMS last June, I was doubly annoyed about the lack of a cohesive spanking community in this city.

This weekend is another extravaganza thrown by Strictly Spanking New York (SSNY) and it looks to be another good one. The folks that run the group have in a short time done an amazing job of spreading the word and quickly making it the event of the New York scene. That not hyperbole either — whenever you can get 100 spankos together in this city it’s truly an amazing feat. Yes, there is always the first Saturday of every month at Paddles — that event is an institution to the NY spanking community. However, I never thought that there would ever be a Gotham based spanking party akin to Shadow Lane (Vegas), FMS (Florida), Crimson Moon (Chicago) or Texas All-State (Texas, duh).

Part of the problem last year was simply a high level of drama between groups, factions or individuals. For an activity that’s supposed to be fun and titilating, the life can really be sucked out of it by the unhealthy application of egos. I have to be honest and say that although I do sometimes get a kick out of rubbernecking scene drama, I also am keenly aware that too much of it ruins the community and sours the people involved in it. That’s the part that got a bit much last year. But it’s 2009 and things are different — for now.

If this sounds like a commercial then so be it, I’m not ashamed to admit that I think certain products are better than others. I was toying with the idea of live blogging the party but I’ll be “busy”. Definitely a report afterwards sans the names of those who would rather not be mentioned.


13 Responses to “Spanking In NYC”

  1. I am so definately reporting/blogging about it too… names AND pseuodonyms. For a change, I am allowing my mind to be empty ( no comment) because SO much is promising to occur…I don’t think there’s any way to really prepare for it.

    Just attend…and BASK. I’m looking forward to being there in switch mode….which doesn’t compromise either side of me when engaging, and I’m eager to meet some new friends with whom I’ve been corresponding. SSNY is certainly THE East Coast’s answer to Shadow Lane. We’ve come a long way, Baby…

  2. radagast Says:

    Lisa: I don’t know if I’m ready to declare it the East Coast’s answer until they have a multi-day weekend event. For now, it certainly has become New York’s biggest semi-regular event.

  3. Not to equivocate , Rad..but, what about when an SSNY event dovetails with a Paddles night? .

    I’ll bet–with the hotel that was secured, and with the need
    to turn last-minute folks away..something like a weekend event is probaoly in the not too distant future . I think my head might explode, however! 😉

  4. radagast Says:

    I think a weekend event would be terrific in New York but space and cost might be a little prohibitive. Is Citi Field available?

  5. My offer to host a spanko’s BBQ at MY placein CT still stands! Couldn’t have more than 20 or so people, realistically.
    What’s Citi Field?

  6. What time is your party, Lisa?

    I am really looking forward to this weekend, too. (But NOT the family strap again!!)

  7. I cannot WAIT for this weekend!! I am super excited.

    This time of year, the beautiful weather, it’s all so exhilarating and energy boosting, and I am positively wired for the weekend to start 🙂

  8. I’m thinking June or July, Sandy. Will you come? PLeeeeese? Yeah, you can bring whats-his-face. 🙂 He has to bring hummus, though. 😉

    I am so exhuberant about this weekend, it’s making my head hurt. Now..if I could just figure out a way to be in two ( or more) places at once..I’ll be set!

  9. Don’t live in New York, but have lots of friends in the area… and we have heard nothing but good things about SSNY. Certainly seems like there was a real need for the group too. We’re going to try to make it to one of their event this year… as it really does sound like a great time.

    And Sandy… good luck with your turn at the Family Strap.

    Todd and Suzy

  10. Todd and Suzy: Don’t remind me. I’m trying not to think about it.

  11. Sandy, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I think of YOU ‘fearing’ ANY implement! Is this “Family Strap” anything like Rad’s Irish School Strap? THAT thing makes me regret any and all sins..past, present, and not yet committed! :-O !

  12. swfloridabrat Says:

    oh crap…I was “promised” 5 with the family strap…thanks to Jules! Yikes…have a wonderful time at the party!

  13. I propose that New York City being the center of the world, set up a whipping in Times Square. Where every naughty woman is tied to it. Then her dress or skirt be raised, her bloomers taken down, and thrashed most painfully on her bare bottom. Three such woman that need this type of treatment now are , Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice, and Miss California. Do you agree? What other candidates might someone else choose.

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