Regarding Videos

A couple of related questions left over from yesterday: What audience is being served? What audience is not? That was the original line of this post before I rewrote it. It doesn’t fit anymore but since I already published without changing it, I’ll just strike it through but still allow people to see it. The rest of the post takes a different path.

Like the consumption of any art form, it’s all about personal taste. I may like mystery novels that are police procedurals but I prefer those that are set in cities rather than the countryside. It doesn’t mean that the other kind are not good, just that I don’t like them and don’t patronize their authors. Tastes also change, at least they have for me. Sticking with the subject of books, there are types of fantasy novels that I enjoyed when I was in my 20s that bore me to tears right now. Other people like them but I don’t — the end.

When I wrote about wanting to be in videos, it got me thinking about the kinds of videos that I enjoy and I discovered that their really aren’t a lot. I prefer serious, real seeming videos and bounce very hard off of cutesy, campy or just plain humorous videos. By “real”, I don’t mean watching an actual discipline session like a fly on the wall but one that seems real within the context of the plot. No smiles, no breaking of character, anger/matter-of-fact authority when it is appropriate and certainly no overly bratty behavior. For me, too much brattiness comes across as if what’s happening on camera is a game and not real discipline. The key for me is a spanker that is exasperated with or disappointed in a person while determined to do something about it and a person about to be spanked that is pretty much thinking, “Oh, shit — I don’t like this at all”.

I think the main sticking point for me is my lack of tolerance for cutesy. I wish I could be totally specific about what it is I mean but suffice it to say that the two people are playing to the camera rather than acting as if it isn’t there. The same thing is true of porn and especially the kind I have always liked (lesbian). I prefer seeing something that actually looks like two people who are into each other rather than some idealized version of the same where they don’t really kiss and keep looking in my direction as if I’m sitting there. Also, if you’re Czech, then speak Czech and I’ll read subtitles — two Czech women in bed should not be trying to speak English to each other unless they are doing language lessons.

While I’m on the subject of videos, is it too much to ask that adult stars I admired while abusing myself not drop dead. Marilyn Chambers? Say it ain’t so. And I never even got to meet her — yeah, “meet”. At least Ginger Lynn is still with us and there’s always the remote chance of getting to meet Kiri Kelly somewhere, sometime.


17 Responses to “Regarding Videos”

  1. Marilyn Chambers is dead??? When the heck did that happen?

  2. Susan: Dead today at the age of 56. They say natural causes but toxicology needs to be done.

  3. While it is WILDLY inappropriate…. at this sorrowful time of your mourning the loss of the demure r Ms Chambers, I did “lol” till I had tears at the way you put that, Rad! It’s so ANNOYING when your idols pass!

    “Other people like them, but I don’t. The end”. Yes, that’s the attitude people love/hate you for. ( and by hate I mean love) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This scene can be SO chummy, SO social, so great, but..when it comes down to it, our tastes are incredibly individual. For instance, I love to write, and write halfway decent porn ( I’m told) and I would LOVE love LOVE to write spanking video scripts. I am SO all about the mood, dialogue, and set-up.

    But the thing you said so well, they CAN’T act like they are playing to the camera!
    Yeah, there are plenty of gorgeous people in the vids I have seen, ( you’re’re in a video, we get it!) but …thats NOT really why I watch. I want a plot I can get mentally/erotically absorbed in …( a ‘plot’ such as it is in a spanking vid..) and the type of grim realism you also favor. I want anger..I want fear..I want to FEEL that when I watch.

    With all due respect to Eve and Tony ( hi Tony!) who do an amazing , professional job with their productions, I also am not into cutesy, campy, lovey-dovey depictions. And here is where the ” to each his own” comes in so handy.

    Truth be told, I havent watched a vid ( except my own) in YEARS.

    Oh, and.. I HAVE met Kiri…we hung out quite a bit in 94 at an SL party. I even still have a pair of her earrings. ( given, NOT stolen!) What are they worth to you, Rad? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. VCollector Says:

    Rad, if you haven’t seen them, here are some videos that you might like (They are ALL videos that Lisa should like, i.e. FF)

    Red Stripe
    Recent BadTushy (early were terrible)
    Miss Marchmont (with most famous alumna of Red Stripe)
    Punished Brats
    Selected SIT (only online, and foreign now)
    Some recent Pacific Force
    Selected Chelsea Pfeiffer series

    Unfortunately, none of them are available off of 6th ave for anonymous purchase.

  5. I’m fairly certain that , as a consumer, Rad isn’t particularly concerned with anonymous purchases! LOL.

    Yes, I like f/f vids, but am too cheap to buy them.

    Just to clarify..I’m not a lesbian, but I think they’re neat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I LOVE me some M/F spanking vids…but they have to be punitive in nature, and the female can’t be a constant brat.
    Maybe I will just stick to writing my own porn.

  6. ….(sorry I hijacked your blog there, Rad)

  7. radagast Says:

    I agree with Lisa about the punitive nature of the scene — well put. As for the video suggestions above, my purchasing these days is down to a minimum. I usually support companies or individuals I like by purchasing their videos but it’s rare that I watch one that really is all that I’m looking for.

  8. …it is extremely sad that the recession has proven cost-prohibitive to spankos. LUCKILY..the act itself is free!

  9. VCollector Says:

    So now we see the problem with this segment of the adult movie industry. There are some very very good movies that too many people won’t consider buying site unseen. And its not enough for someone to just tell you their opinion that Miss Parker of Red Stripe is A Great. A thorough review might get you closer to knowing if it would be of interest to you, but most people won’t take a chance based on that. So we now know one of the reasons behind BitTorrent. Stealing video is just as bad as stealing music.

    So the solution? Books, magazines and purchased DVDs can be shared without violating the purchase agreement, on a person to person basis. I don’t know how to get that to work in a world of privacy and pseudonyms.

    Maybe it’s a waste of time/space to have much of a discussion here about something that can’t be resolved.

  10. VCollector: I don’t consider discussion a waste of time but you are free to contribute or not — I won’t feel offended if you decide not to. As for Torrents of various kinds, I wonder how many spanking videos one would find up there. I’m thinking it’s such a specialized market that there probably are not a lot.

  11. VCollector Says:

    Rad – large amounts of almost EVERY company’s catalogs have been listed by the video pirates. There are hundreds of titles. The only thing that is helping the producers is the fact that it can take months for a video to be downloaded, even with a computer left on 24/7 There was an article in Wired about this.

  12. I am embarrassed to say that I’ve never been able to figure out how to use torrents — something about ratios or such. I wish more of the videos online came with preview footage — perhaps a minute or two culled from several scenes are usually enough to let me know whether I want to see the whole thing or not.

  13. VCollector Says:

    If it was that hard, almost nobody would be doing it. And the industry seems unable to stop anyone from using Shareaza.

  14. radagast Says:

    Don’t know how difficult or easy it is, just that it confounds me and I’m pretty good with tech.

  15. I happen to love funny videos, but they aren’t what actually turn me on. I have a really big thing for contests of will and hard spankings, as well. There’s a fantastic new video up on NS starring Irelynn Logeen — she gets a really really hard (though not brutal) hand spanking and paddling when the character refuses to divulge certain information. It’s literally spanked out of her, and I found the focus and commitment of both the actors riveting, and you could tell by the long shots that they were really deep in what was happening–there were so few cuts.

    That’s a kind of video I’d love to explore myself.

  16. Triple D and me Says:

    personally, I love the girls boarding school videos, they used to sell them, but not anymore. If anyone knows where we could purchase these videos, or some similar, we would be most interested. Thanks J & L

  17. Well said.

    Honestly, there are few videos I enjoy because the majority out there are F/F and I simply don’t enjoy it. The M/F ones I enjoy the most are genuine interactions. School girl and other fantasy role-play does little for me.

    I love getting dressed up, but more for the fun then for the role-play involved.

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