Reach Out And Touch Yourself

Noticed an interesting phenomenon last night at Paddles — disturbing and amusing all at the same time.

I have nothing against self-abuse. Back in the days of my abject loneliness, it served to while away the minutes, repeatedly, and gave me a singular education in all genres pornographic. Masturbation, in all its glorious forms, is a gift akin to Prometheus handing over fire to mankind and provided growing kids with a positive spin when our teachers would say, “Keep your hands to yourself”. No problem.

Paddles was fun last night, filled with both new as well as tried and true experiences. During my many respites as I was watching friends engage in their scenes, I noticed a larger than usual bevy of male onlookers who were inching ever closer to the proceedings. Their proximity was bad enough as they seemed either clueless or uncaring that their presence might intrude on the headspace of others. I also became aware of what must be an epidemic of selective deafness because the folks that were a tad too close seemed to not hear or not want to hear other onlookers directly telling them to back off a bit. I’ve seen a few of the “Rules Lawyers” at the club, people who are leaning up against the chain separating a semi-private area and claiming that they are still in the area that’s OK for onlookers. This was more of the phenomenon of transfixed men so engrossed in what they are seeing that they are getting closer and closer to the actual action until the people engaged begin to feel uncomfortable.

One other sidenote was the larger than usual amount of professional pocket pool players wandering around. I’ve never seen more guys with hands deep in their pockets searching for whatever their personal holy grail happens to be. An honorable mention also goes out to the guy with his hands folded in front of him who was using the One-Pinky Slide to surreptitiously stroke his manhood — at least he was trying to be different.


12 Responses to “Reach Out And Touch Yourself”

  1. This post is great…that guy with his hands cupped in front of him was a classic, and a one of a kind!

    He asked Sarah and I if we’d like foot rubs, when we were alone and without any tops to save us. We inched close together and said “No thanks” and he left.

  2. Meanwhile, I must have been in la la land, noticing NONE of this and thinking the men were reasonably well-behaved for a change. There was the one who deeply disturbed me, however, after learning of his criminal behavior toward a friend a few weeks ago… that’s all I’m going to say for now.

  3. radagast Says:

    Marie: There seemed to be a large number of footsie guys there last night.

    sandy: Yes — something will have to be done about that person soon.

  4. There’s an expression “five finger discount” that refers to shoplifting, I think it could be used interchangeably with “pocket pool.”

  5. A few thoughts… ( as I am far too tired for mor than a few)

    1. it is hard work being a Top. Glad in my case it is temporary. I need a spanking. Ok. ’nuff on THAT.

    2. pocket pool. Oddly, like Sandy, I NEVER noticed it. I am all about the friendly eye contact. And now..more glad of it than ever.

    3. Footsie play. Wish I availed myself of that…sans trampling requests. I am sure that gent didnt want to EXPIRE under my hooves and besides, it was a different man I would like to trample, and not in a fun way.

    4. The personal space/boundaries misuse blew me AWAY last night. I mean blew. me. away. Wow.
    Bravo to all the players who gave lurkers/leerers something to really look and leer AT but– PLEASE!. I dont need to smell your gum for god’s sake!

  6. @Marie…glad you and Sarah exercised some prudence. However, your new pal learned the hard way about poor choices/being too “nice”….
    Her “top” was ALWAYS near enough to ‘save’ her…

  7. Oh god Sandy…that guy touched me…*shivers*

  8. It’s extremely difficult to give a firm no to some people, and it’s no excuse, obviously, but it’s almost a mind trick and then you’re wondering what just happened and where your self control went.

  9. Triple D and me Says:

    We are with sandy, we never noticed any pocket play, or the lurkers. We had a great time Sat. nite. I finally had some marks to show for all Triple D’s effort. Oh and by the way, loved watching Lisa top her new “pet”. She was quite stunning. Hope to see everyone again soon. As for foot rubs Triple is still talking about the one he received.

  10. Hi Loretter…
    .thanks for the nice words about Sarah. She is cetainly made for ‘showing off’, isn’t she? (and loves every second of it. :-)) She also quite enjoys good feedback, so I’ll be sure to pass it on. Thanks for posting on my blog, too. Often it is only the crickets commenting.

    Joe….damn! I now SO wish I had gotten MY feet rubbed!

    Will I see you two on the 18th? ( I hope I hope I hope..)
    ~Lisa ( too busy eyeballing the otk cookies to look at the crotch rubbers among us!)

  11. Shudder, shudder, shudder.

    It seems to me that the lurkers are lurkier at Spanking-only events than at regular BDSM events. Now, my sample size is very small, so I could be making this up entirely. But I find that in the BDSM crowd, maybe because of having such a strict legacy of etiquette, people assume less, and take hints much better, and for the most part, keep a respectful distance. if they don’t they are dealt with in no uncertain terms. Same with guys walking around jerking it. Not allowed. “No sexual activity” means no sexual activity,

    Part of what I love about the spanking events is that there IS that friendly, “we’re all pals”, hanging-out feeling. But on the other hand it can lead for people taking things for granted that are not granted at all. I’ve had two separate incidents where guys I have politely given the “I’m not playing with people I don’t know” excuse have challenged me rudely with gems like “But I met you at a spanking party a year ago, way before you met X, and you’re playing with X!” or “I really think it’s my turn, you’ve played with EVERYONE ELSE.”

    Yech. Hate hate hate.

  12. To be fair….we all sure did GIVE the strokers some great eye candy and food for thought on that particular night! 🙂

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