I Never Get Tired Of It

Why is that?

There are some things I never grow weary of no matter how many times I experience them. One is that bit that hobo clowns do when they go to eat the banana only to find that it has fallen out of the peel. It’s funny and sad all at the same time and never fails to elicit both a chuckle and a sigh in empathy. Spanking and all spanking related accoutrements are another. No matter how many similar role plays I do or scenes I engage in where I’m scolding, spanking, scolding some more, etcetera ad nauseum, it never fails to hold my interest.

Maybe I’m just a man of simple tastes. Sure, I like variety and to experience new things but if I enjoy a particular thing once, I tend to enjoy it over and over. I could ride the same roller coaster multiple times without getting tired of it or saying, “Gee, I hope it flies off the tracks this time just to change things up”. Although I do enjoy playing with lots of different people because each one is different, I really have a short menu of things that I enjoy. Being the “Dad” or “Teacher” or whatever is my thing — I’m not just good at it (which I think I am) but it’s what gets into my head. Spanko pirate captains, telegraph clerks or fantastical kings might add variety but are just not me. It’s tough to utter, “You didn’t do your chores, young lady”, when you’ve got an eye patch and a bird on your shoulder.

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion if there’s anything special that I’d like to do during a scene or a role play. My answer is usually that I’m pretty much doing what I like to do already. Even in role play, I need that certain possibility in the action. A teacher spanking a student has a hint of reality as does a father spanking his daughter — those things get played again and again in my head and when I can physically because it’s what works for me. Train conductors don’t spank passengers nor do astronauts spank non-existant people from Mars — those sorts of scenes are a little too silly for me. I could do things like that but I’d be laughing and that would totally ruin the headspace.

In the end, I’m enjoying the same meal except in different restaurants and not complaining about it one bit.


7 Responses to “I Never Get Tired Of It”

  1. swfloridabrat Says:

    yes, the funny scenes are just that-whimsical and amusing-not a steady diet…

  2. Rad, you are deep. Really.

    AND, so, SO flippin funny that I am TRULY glad I read your blog when I am home… and not spitting coffee all over the keyboard of my laptop in a public place.( I would surely be escorted OUT and soundly spanked by the Barista. )

    Telegraph clerks? Not so much. A train conductor..? Maybe! 😉 Pirates? HELLS yeah but only IF he is Johnny Depp!

    OMG. The roller coaster analogy. Yeah–if it flew off the tracks that WOULD be a thrill ride of a different caliber.

    I’m very much like you in that I am also the monkey who keeps hitting that same cereal pellet button over and over and over. If I am playing with a person and he says ” Hey..let’s try THIS this time…” I might acquiesce ..but in my mind I am really thinking ” But.. why?”.

    I know what works for me and honestly…it doesn’t only NOT get dull or rote–it keeps getting better! No kings , clowns, piarates, or irate baristas..just exasperated authority figures. Daddy, teacher, boss, cop. That is whats on THIS chick’s menu..thank you very much!

    Awesome blog today. You are gonna make a lot of your readers/fans LOL on April Fool’s Day!

  3. I think at a point it evolves into we like what we like. Period. Especially if you are good at “it”. Sure, try other things from time to time, and something may work out and be fun, but it comes down… I know THIS is going to work. Case closed.

  4. It’s like chocolate. I like milk chocolate most of the time, but there are times I like dark chocolate…and at times with nuts…and at times with cream filling.

    As long as it’s chocolate – I’m happy.

    “Same meal in a different restaurant” – as long as I know SOMEONE who has had a meal at the restaurant, I’m happy.

  5. PS – Rad – I NEVER get tired of it either. I love it – I can’t believe I went for so long without it.

    Great post.

  6. My roller coaster flew off the track a long time ago.

  7. LOL sandy. 🙂

    I like to think of myself and creative and adventurous, and I can be, but I find that more and more I’m happy eating the same meal in the same restaurant. Literally! If I know that I love it every time I have it, it gets harder to branch out, in case you get disappointed. Why mess with a good thing? If I’m actually talking about pad thai, it doesn’t bother me. If I’m continuing the metaphor, well, it doesn’t bother me, either.

    I haven’t lost my sense of exploration. I can and do try new things from time to time, when something that looks good comes up. But I don’t force myself just for the sake of it.

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