OK, Now That Was Good

Stepping away from the seriousness of the last post for something a little more fun. Aside from the club or parties, Sandy and I just don’t get to play that much at home. I’ve talked about the noise issues but it has become more than that. My neighbors have made me feel self-conscious about what I’m doing — what we’re doing — so much so that it ruins my headspace trying to be quiet. Last night, a brief respite from the imbecile neighbors and it was a good one.

Sandy and I spent a night in a hotel away from this place and were able to have a nicely satisfying scene — at least it was for me. It was a corner room with nothing next door or behind the wall — the Holy Grail of spanking hotel rooms. It was a nice place, real class, not like the kinds of places I’ve stayed in over the years like motels where the only thing separating the place you’re sleeping from the serial killer outside is a “door” made of balsa wood. But I digress…

It was a lovely and hard hand spanking to begin with followed by the implement cavalcade. I mostly like leather and have lots of items to choose from most of which I brought with me to hotel. The one thing I don’t often use because it’s so nasty is a ten or so inch long leather fastener which is used, I guess, to attach a saddle to whatever it is that puts it around the horse. It’s a relatively thick piece of leather and quite solid and hurts like hell. I found out the hard way when my follow through caught me in a delicate place. Note to self: Stand a bit to the side. This piece of leather elicited some good reactions out of Sandy and reddened her bottom quite nicely and when I say “red”, I don’t mean pink. Wood is something I don’t often use because, honestly, it seems boring. I did use a nice paddle on her as well which added injury to injury with more reactions. I was being mean but all was well that ended well.

The experience of being able to play like that privately was satisfying, so much so that I’m now seriously considering saying “screw the neighbors” and doing as we please in our own home. We don’t have to be totally over the top with noise into the wee hours but certainly we should be able to have some fun without worrying about the nosey people who live around me. Heck, I don’t even know their names nor do I want to know them.


21 Responses to “OK, Now That Was Good”

  1. “Adding injury to injury”….that was funny.

    I have upstairs neighbors. I’ve played here. LOUDLY. Its funny how often I have tried to fool myself into thinking I’m just being paranoid ; ” nahh…they never heard me …how loud can some howling and cracking sounds BE…?”


    The other day, in my living room….I was quietly reading the paper ( yes..I do that. I am NOT always online..so there) and I heard the Thai lady upstairs softly CROONING to her baby. Busted.

    Seriously, its hard for me to look them in the eye at times. I really am VERY vocal. It’s especially a teensy bit awkward because its my EX leaving the scene of the ‘lust crime’ the next day. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know ..it’s weird. But he is a good hard spanker, what can I say. We met in the scene. I don’t have to LIVE with the guy! ( played with a few others here, but few and far between)

    Said upstairs neighbors must be REALLY quiet when it comes to getting THEIR connubial swerve on. I’ve never heard anything ,and their bedroom is RIGHT above mine. Poor dears. Are they worried about how they sound to ME? Maybe she is ball gagged. Maybe HE is…? Hmm.Oh well. We’re all adults.

    And I’ve never liked the buzzkill of turning on a radio or tv loudly as a cover-up. It thoroughly interferes with the headspace, and then other people just think they are hearing a loud-ass tv show with screaming and smacking sounds! I like the sounds of spanking a lot but, FYI..a small rubber spatula hurts like hell and is pretty damn quiet. (Sandy, you’re not, so..never mind!)
    Ah– for a ghost town or desert island somewhere..so the spanked could react as vociferously as we need to ..and the spankER could swing away to his heart’s content!

    Glad you two got to indulge. Sucks to be a taxpayer living in a pricey place like NYC and NOT get to enjoy whatever goes on within your own walls..thin though they might be! Screw the neighbors is right! Whadda THEY know about fun?? 🙂

  2. I’m so thankful we live in a house instead of an apartment. Unless someone is standing outside one of our windows (doubtful considering the privacy fence and 2 rotties) I don’t think anyone can hear any of the shrieking that happens on occasion here. I’d be too chicken to try anything in an apartment I bet. I’m sort of the overly paranoid type, my poor husband would never get laid if I was worried about other people hearing.

  3. Rad, I think all spankos should just buy an ENORMOUS house together..complete with gargantuan woodshed. A ranch. a compound. Nah. Too culty? Waco-esque? Just a thought …

    @munch, don’t ya love the intimidation factor of a rottie? and you have TWO? I used to have a rottie lab mix. ..she is back in NY with the aforementioned ex. Such a mush..but looked SO Cujo scary! Now I own a basset. The only protection she affords is that a burgler or prowler would fall down laughing to look at her! 🙂

  4. Munchkin,
    you , shrieking ? can’t believe it ! LOL.
    I live in a corner house on a large lot that was great for privacy during the first 12 years here until my partner changed 180 degrees around to loathing the scene.
    Que sera, sera…
    Hope to meet you in FL.

  5. radagast Says:

    Lisa (regarding buzzkill):

    I can’t say what the worst buzzkill I’ve experienced was while trying to mask the sounds of spanking activity. One of the Lord of the Rings movies, I think The Two Towers, comes pretty close to a headspace invader of the highest order.

  6. Really, Rad? Hmmm…I’m surprised. I would think those types of movies would have elements of dark sinisterness that could possibly add to the activity! (This is of course from a person who has seen neither) I was thinking something more like High School Musical or anything starring Lindsay Lohan, etc. Westerns are bad, too. Oh, and the SAW series…

  7. http://sonexfoam.com/

    “Sonex acoustic foam panels let you create quieter spaces. Sonex foam has a sculpted design that effectively traps sound. Over four times more absorbent than carpeting or standard ceiling tiles, Sonex foam is offered in two different materials and several different patterns to serve your sound absorption needs. Sonex is an excellent studio foam and can also be used in a wide variety of other applications.”

    It’s used to sound-insulate shooting ranges.

    It would cost as much as a few weekends away, and could move with you.

  8. radagast Says:

    Sonex is an option although a somewhat pricey one. Home Depot sells this mesh stuff that’s supposed to be good sound insulation under carpeting.

  9. Wednesday Says:


    Of course you need a bottom silencer.

    I have no friggin clue what our neighbors think and I’ve ceased to care. Sometimes I am mildly curious regarding theories they have for the suitcases we habitually haul up and down our outside stairs. My place is tiny but I *own* it dammit and their Mexican tuba music trumps anything I do.

    I think the walls are a bit thicker though. A NY apt sounds like a miserable place to be even without the spanking.

    Glad you got the interlude. 🙂

  10. I believe the leather that goes around the horse to attach to the saddle is a cinch – and I think it would be QUITE painful! (You are a very brave girl, Sandy!)
    As to apartment play – I’m very fortunate to have a friend who allows me to use her place to play with my semi-regular partner. She doesn’t care about the noise, so I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t either. (And after spending the night and hearing the dog upstairs running back and forth {think Murray on Mad About You}, I especially don’t care what the upstairs folks think.) I like to imagine them listening to the sounds of spanking and occasional yelps with looks of longing on their faces…
    Glad you guys got to have a private party.

  11. @Susan….I am sure Sandy is thinking: ” It’s a CINCH taking that..I love pain!” Groan. Sorry.

    You imagine looks of longing on the faces of the neighbors, eh…? I imagine mine both looking at each other with their hands on the phone..fingers poised to dial 911 and asking ” you wanna call, or should I…?” 😉

  12. …just in ( in the coinkydink dept) :

    Got an email today from from a totally vanilla site called ” Daily Candy : Boston” entitled ” It’s a Cinch!” ….and then it showed a piece of what looked like a leather belt….and the tagline read ‘ it seems there is no shortage of people looking to make a trip to your southern hemisphere’….

    and then under THAT was another article about a sale at Ricky’s on Mason Pierson hairbrushes!

    Is nothing sacred anymore, I ask you?!

  13. @Lisa – Whoo-hoo! Maybe we’re becoming mainstream!

  14. @Susan ….perhaps, but…I think I like things better when they are illicit! 😉

    (still chortling over Rad’s “implement cavalcade”…)

  15. One trick for masking sound is to point your stereo speakers directly towards your nosy neighbors, and do your scene as far behind them as possible. But I’m not crazy about playing to music myself, so it’s not a perfect solution by any means.

  16. radagast Says:


    How about this? Record the sound of an empty quiet room and then play it back at full volume. It’s crazy enough to work.

  17. LMAO at “record sound of empty quiet room” Classic Rad :0)

  18. WOW!!

    Lookee at all the comments Rad’s admission of loud kinky pruriance has garnered!!

    ( yeah, yeah..you two are married and all but..let’s pretend it is pure pruriance at its finest!)

    ‘Course, eight of the posts now are from blabbermough me, but….

    it IS a tangy topic after all! :-). okay. zipping it now. Till tomorrow….:-)

  19. OK, it took me 3 minutes to stop laughing in order to type this reply, truly cosmic humor.

    The weird thing is, before our video shoots, I actually do record at least 2 to 3 minutes of “silence”, to use as ambient room noise during the final editing. Extremely useful for getting rid of outside noises like dogs barking, airplanes flying overhead, ambulance sirens etc. that always happen once the shoot starts.

    I’m guessing Rad is familiar with this concept.

  20. But..Tony, don’t airplanes, dogs, and ambulances add to the “realism” of a good spanking scene? 😉

    Personally, I love the ominous chiming of a grandfather clock right before I assume the position…

    That happened once. The guy said ” how appropriate”….


  21. Rad, I just laughed right out loud at recording an empty silent room too.

    And Girls – I had one of those cinch things used on me once and it’s not so bad… Of course I was fairly well zoned out by that point in the scene and not feeling much of anything. Later on though was another story.

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