I’m a person that likes a good mystery whether in the books I read or the people I meet. There’s nothing like watching a police procedural unravel or peeling away the layers of a person I’m talking to. When it comes to the scene and play, I’m often mystified by some people who I just can’t figure out.

For the most part, I pretty much know the people I engage with on a regular basis. I don’t mean I know every detail about their lives, nor do I have a need to, but I know enough about them to have a good idea how they think. I also pretty much know what it is they like when they play. This is true in varying degrees because some folks are more forthcoming that others about details. Generally, though, I’m confident I know enough to provide a scene that works to both of our mutual benefit.

I must admit that there are certain people I see all the time that I can’t quite figure out. I have no idea what it is they like or what it is they want. I find that I can’t play with folks like this because I’m not sure what it is they are looking for. I can understand those who like to keep things guarded especially about their kinkiness. But it amazes me that I can’t seem to even get a whiff of what it is they enjoy.

Some people are a complete mystery altogether. I see them at the club wandering about and engaging with this person or that but I never get a hint of what it is they do nor do I ever see them play even though, apparently, they do. Maybe I’m just busy at those times but you’d think that eventually I’d luck into seeing them do something. Other folks I only know based upon what it is they dislike rather than like. These are the people that will provide you with lists of what it is they don’t enjoy doing, so much so that I have do clue what it is they actually do like.

Look, I’m not saying that I have to know everything about everybody — obviously that’s not true or possible. However, there are those that I am acquainted with that intrigue me simply because I know nothing about them other than a very small amount. Perhaps it’s simply a case of not asking the right questions or maybe I’m not the right person to do the asking in the first place.

I must overthink this further.


10 Responses to “Mysterious”

  1. you know what they say about curiosity, though. Perhaps some things are better left unknown. I can see where this would be frustarting though..those those of a nimble mind….

    I tend to be VERY vocal and ‘out there’ with my ‘thing’ and so I can relate to finding it intriguing that there are those players who circulate among us, who remain guarded and mysterious….I imagine it can be a challenge to a Top….

  2. * I meant FOR those..not those those. Coffee, please….?

  3. Triple D and me Says:

    perhaps those mysterious people want to be just that,; mysterious. Or perhaps you don’t ask because there is that perverbial wall up, that simply says; asking is not an option here. Some people are just private people, I know someone who is so vocal, personable, and talks non stop, but when you think about what this person has just said, there is still no insite into who they are, or what their about. Simply said, they said alot of nothing. they speak generic. I too like to get into people, just to see what makes them tick, what are there interests, what makes them interesting. But sometimes we just have to be satisfied with just whats there, and enjoy! or not.

  4. “I must overthink this further.” Love this, Rad, because really- isn’t this what we all do at one time or another?

    I love this blog.

  5. @ Susan: I love this blog, too! One wonders which areas Rad underthinks: Marmalade options? Types of yo-yos one could purchase? Which sport will next join the Olympics? There must be something.

    @ Rad: The blog content was a good read, but the last line alone was worth the reading of the entire article, like getting to the toy surprise at the bottom of the box.

  6. @ Lisa: I had to re-read your post twice to find the typo mentioned. I think the mind auto-corrects. Did some persnickety Top point it out to you or are you self-correcting, as well ;-?

  7. radagast Says:

    Overthinking things is my natural state. No matter the subject and given enough time to ponder, I’ll come up with some sort of theory about it.

  8. @Jasmine…oh how I WISH the mind ( uh, MINE!) “auto-corrects”. Boy would that save time! lol

    I overthink, too. Can’t seem to help it..even though it would be much more convenient in life to just be mellow, relaxed and let things unfold as they may.

  9. Ps: Rad? ( and Sandy): Geminis ARE the natural THINKERS on the astrological wheel. It’s a cosmic impossibility not to be this way.

    Ponder that…. 🙂

  10. IrishRed Says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Triple D. It’s possible these myseterious folks are extremely private, extremely shy or … maybe they think their “other” life is extremely boring? It’s not beyond reason to think a person may feel embarrassed by what they do or who they are in the vanilla arena. Let’s face it, this community is *loaded* with insecurity, and it can manifest itself differently with different people.

    Just a thought.

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