Articulating Fantasies

I’ve had spanking fantasies floating around in my head since I was a kid which you’d think would make it easy to dredge one up when needed. You’d think that.

A strange occurence happened to me recently when I was asked about what sort of fantasy I had that I might want to play out in some way. For some reason which I can’t quite explain, I just stood there totally blanking out. I’m a person who thinks all the time — my mind is constantly going with all kinds of off-the-wall thoughts. For me to be unable to think of something astounds me. Where did my fantasies go?

For the most part, lots of them have come true. Whether real-life stuff or role play, I’ve made a good portion of them into reality and continue to play-out those that are my favorites. Other fantasies are of the fictional variety only and have to stay that way, mostly for practical reasons. Like a lot of books, some of the thoughts in my head would make crappy movies because they would probably be impossible to do without a great deal of effort. Also, some fantasies are better left in a person’s head for obvious reasons, primarily that they possibly push the envelope a little too much. Those end up as stories of the published and unpublished variety.

The truth is that I’ve spent a lot of time honing my spanking desires down from an inchoate mass of kinkiness to a more sculpted and workable shape. The spanking kink that is insidemy head, which at its simplest is “authority figure spanks someone in their charge”, has a short menu of items that work for me. This translates into lots of Daddy or Teacher play (both of which I enjoy) but can also include lots of kinky cops and doctors (which obviously could encompass lots of possibilities none of which will be mentioned here).

My fantasies are what they are and are not for every person I meet. Certain ones work with one person but are anathema to another. I suppose the simplest way I have of conveying what my fantasies are is that the person asking is seeing me do them — or at least the ones they are going to see.


11 Responses to “Articulating Fantasies”

  1. How close to the fantasy does the reality get? Is the fantasy always going to be stronger, because it isn’t as focused an image in the mind as the sight of something in life?

  2. radagast Says:

    Fantasies can often be more intensive and involved than the putting into practice but I’ve always found that although the reality is different, it’s better. A fantasy is a piece of fiction — a novel or short story in your head. It can be whatever you want it to be and as elaborate as you can imagine it. Reality can get close depending on how elaborate the scenario is — certainly if your theme involves not just costumes but sets, it may be a little difficult and require a lot more theater of the mind.

  3. Some things ARE fantastic when acted out .. and some fantasies need to remain that they CAN remain that they can emain an ‘ideal’…. if that makes sense. It makes the mystery and the secret the ‘hot’ part of it .. the forbidden-ness of it.

    I often THINK I want my every last fantasy played out..but..DO I..really? Wouldn’t that somehow take away a bit..? I think the nature of the beast in this scene is that we all expect to have all fantasies “met”..and, it just can’t be the case. I for one have a very, VERY active imagination..and part of the thrill of that is the very ‘secretness’ of it. Keeps things fresh and kinky….I like that I can write about things that will most likely never come true. At least the ycan come true in my HEAD..and isn’t that were all eros stems from anyway..? GReat food for thought, Rad….

  4. ps: I like your term ” theater of the mind”. I would also like it if my &^%$# keyboard didn’t make me seem an illiterate. Sigh.

  5. Sometimes I wonder why fantasies seem so important. What purpose do they serve? hmmm

  6. I can think of one possible reason why Rad drew a blank. Back in the old days, the thought of being able to play with somebody else that was into it was a fantasy all by itself.

    Fantasy/role-play can be fun and even add to intensity, but there’s something to be said for just being yourself in a scene too.

  7. @Tony true..your last sentence. I never seem to need to assume a role. As mySELF..I do things that can definitely inspire a spanking or three.

  8. Oh, and Rad:…” inchoate mass of kinkiness” is a terrific configuation of words!

    *shutting up now*

  9. Interesting Rad.

    I think another difference between reality and fantasy is that fantasies are all mine (except on the rare occasion I’ve brainstormed them (for lack of a better term) with someone else. The person topping me is idealized in my fantasies, but they’re also just a two dimensional actor.

    In reality, when playing there’s a partner. I want the scene to feel as much a reflection of them as it is of me. I want to be surprised sometimes, pushed in direction I might not have thought of going on my own. Such is the joy of getting to play with real people.

  10. naughty_ted Says:

    I think that it is great to attempt to play out some fantasies. Generally, the reality is very different from the fantasy (whether better or worse is subjective). However, sharing that fantasy with another person and working together to play it out has benefits. Even if things don’t turn out the way I would have liked them to, the real events add to additional fantasies down the line. What happens between the ears is great, but I think we all need to bring some of those fantasies into the real world at least occasionally.

    • Strong fantasies tend to inch their way towards slight obsessions if not brought into the real world. I tend to get frustrated if I don’t get to act them out.

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