The Life Of Riley

As an active member of the spanking scene that gets to play quite a bit, I sometimes stop to enjoy it all especially in my vanilla life.

Nowhere more so than at my job. I’ve worked at the same company for nearly 20 years — a rarity these days. I am now one of the old timers. I have seen people come and go over the years and always enjoy talking to the younger folks. I now see interns and part-timers that are young enough to be my children. It doesn’t depress me because I find it interesting.

The thing that strikes me as most amusing is listening to the younger people I work with, primarily the males, talking about their “fun” weekends and crazy adventures. I usually just stand there and shake my head as if to say, “I remember the days when I used to do that stuff”. Now I’m the married guy with a boring life — or so they think. They don’t recognize the twinkle in my eye.

It’s especially true when I come off of weekends like the one just passed. Sandy has written about it here but I just want to add that OTK Night at Paddles wasn’t just a “consolation prize” for not going to Shadow Lane, it was in and of itself terrific. I played a lot with people I like playing with and came away from it happy and tired. This is the reason that it’s so incredibly funny and a little frustrating when I hear the wild weekend stories of guys in their 20s who at the same time see my life as dull. I would love to say it but am more than satisfied just thinking to myself, “Do you guys know what I did this weekend? It would probably blow all your minds”.

That’s part of the thrill I get from being involved in the spanking scene that I don’t often talk about. It’s the fact that I have this secret life that none of my vanilla acquaintances knows about — a secret life that would probably shock a bunch of them while others were jealous. I love to spank and have a good time doing it but being able to gloat about it around the vanillas, even if it is to myself, is a huge fringe benefit.


16 Responses to “The Life Of Riley”

  1. I know! Consider the note I left my roommate last Friday:

    “I have some personal business to address. I’ll be back on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!”

    If ONLY she knew! But I know. And that’s what counts. And…suddenly, I’m a person with personal business. Personally, I think that’s HOT. And secrets are lovely when they fuel you. Gloat on! You RULE.

  2. Same here 🙂 in college my friends talked about a party they went to, and all I could say “If you only knew how and WHERE I spent my weekend…”

  3. Cute post, Rad.

    I sometimes really enjoy walking around with that smile on my face that says ” I’ve got secrets. ”

    @Jas: you got that right, Babe! “secrets are lovely when they fuel you”…

    I love being in a mainly “secret society”..I like that it feels like a twisted, kinky, wonderful family. I love that its far more “real” to me than the daily drone of vanilla life. I like that my daughter knows of my interests ( not to the extent in which I indulge..but, she knows)
    I like that I am not the typical suburban soccer mom..clipping coupons and hunting for sales. I like that life takes on a very dreamlike, surreal feeling when you hit a few parties in a row..or even back to back.

    I was thinking of this, after Paddles last Sat night when walking by the U.N. where I was staying. I said to J: ” God..look at this…you could have knocked me over with a feather if you told me 20 years ago that I would be walking around this cool city having my deepest fantasies realized….”

    My daughter and her college friends ain’t got NOTHING on my weekend kicks..even if I do occasionally bake cookies!

  4. With regard to your co-workers, they make have attitudes about age and what’s considered cool, but “knowledge is power”, and you’ve got the knowledge!

  5. (@MVee..he prob has a very sore hand, too! ( laughs))

  6. Just had dinner tonight with a longtime colleague (about 16 yr) and disclosed just that Ive become a little of a “social butterfly” but not the type of “nectar” I really enjoy ! Just that was enough to surprise someone who had viewed me as a very staid square type. Bring on the leather jacket (already wear the hat-LOL).
    Rad–you really said it regarding the enjoyable little secret we share–Woo-hoo!

  7. It’s definitely fun to indulge in private mirth at the secret life people would never suspect… but it’s also fun, don’t you think, to imagine what dirty little secrets all those “normal” people could be harboring too?

    (p.s.- I’m Graham, and I really love your blog… I think I’ve only lurked before, but hi!)

  8. radagast Says:

    Welcome, graham:

    I sometimes imagine all sorts of things my coworkers might be up to. Unfortunately, the thought of it often makes me cringe.

  9. I, too, love the feeling of the secret smile crossing my face… and possibly innocent remarks made by seemingly vanilla co-workers and others in my life that feed right into my fantasies and bring out that smile.

    I am honored to have been one of the people you played with that night. I don’t when I’ll be in NYC again or if I’ll be able to get to Paddles, since I might be accompanied by my very vanilla husband. I wish I could transport all of you out to CA! Maybe, one of these days, I’ll just have to start a group of my own and find a public venue closer than San Francisco…..

  10. Somewhere I heard it said that it is important for adults to have playtime, just as it is for kids. This naughty habit is not my only hobby, but it is my most playful!

  11. This is a great post…but I must say that I have a different spin on it. Sometimes I can get really sad…well even depressed that I can’t talk about what I enjoy and what is important to me….or what makes me tick. I used to enjoy having that secret smile and all…..but now my secret is just a secret…one that I can’t share. Lately that has been really hard for me.

  12. radagast Says:

    bella: I’m I have plenty of people in the scene who are friends that I can talk to about kinkiness (and do). I consider the vanilla people in my life as those who are not on a need-to-know basis about the secret parts of my life. I’m not sad about the fact that I’m keeping myself from being snickered at or worse.

  13. Yeah thanks for reminding me about that. You have made a good and valid point. Maybe it is just where I am right now. I like feeling I can be somewhat transperant…but right now or maybe I have never been able to be like that. Maybe it is that it isn’t just what I do on the side, but like many of us…it is alot of how we think and why we think like that.
    Well now I am rambling and not making any sense at all.

  14. bella: I think I understand what you’re getting at. Spanking is not just a thing I do, like play video games, it is entwined with what I am as a person. I know it sounds funny to say it that way but it’s true. That’s probably why it feels uncomfortable on some level to hide an intrinsic part of you from other people. We may have come out of the closet to each other but still have to remain hidden to the outside world.

  15. Bella….the vanilla world/life is just something that happens between spankings! 🙂

    I hope you find the ‘happy balance’!

  16. Thanks Rad…that is exactly what I was trying to say. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter to me…and then somedays it just hits me hard.

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