Moving Right Along

Not going to Shadow Lane — done deal. Disappointing but life is full of little disappointments that we have to deal with. Not going to Vegas? We’ll make our own party at OTK Night this Saturday.

There is no way I’m using OTK Night at Paddles as any sort of replacement for the Shadow Lane party. I do not replace, I create new and exciting entertainments and enthusiasms. Since Sandy and I are going to get our kicks away from Route 66, I feel we should make the most out of it, that’s why I’m trying to settle on a unique theme for the night. Something really different that probably has not been done before. Sure, I could do “Put A Stone In A Sack Night” or “Bring A Slice Of Pizza In A Ziploc Night” but those things require people to actually do something and we know how difficult that can be. So here’s an idea that is only slightly proactive yet slacker friendly.

The proactive part requires people to actually be at the pre-OTK munch in the Moonstruck Diner on 23rd St. & 9th Av. (it starts at 5:30pm) — no phone-ins or proxies are permitted. Different kinky items of varying types (an implement, a video, a book, etc) will be put into proper and vanilla-safe brown paper bags. At an appropriate time before the end of the meal, I will hand out tickets to all present and my lovely wife will draw numbers. If you win, you get handed a sack with something in it. At that point you say “thanks” and fight it out with the person who got what you really would have liked. The horsetrading is up to you.

Rad & Sandy’s Totally Generic Raffle might be fun or it might be a disaster — only those attending will really know for sure.


13 Responses to “Moving Right Along”

  1. Wednesday Says:

    If the drive was not such a haul I would go! 😉

  2. Wow Rad…way to make lemonade out of lemons! I am going to try to be there. Been to Paddles, to be sure, but never yet been to a Moonstruck munch.
    I am so glad you plan to make the ‘consolation prize’ fun. Some of us live with the disappointment of no parties year after year after.year after…etc…not the BIG ones anyway. You’ll have fun, don’t worry. Sounds like it….

  3. triple D and me Says:

    what a fun thing to do. We will be in the city on friday night and never been to a munch, (we are always late) However, this seems like such a great idea we will try our best to be there. Can’t wait to see everyone, it seems like forver since I’ve been in town.

  4. Triple D and me Says:

    Rad, just a question, do we need to make reservations for the munch?

  5. radagast Says:

    Let me just reiterate, the munch is on Saturday night at 5:30. As for reservations, none are required — it’s a diner.

  6. Sounds like a great idea! I’ll be there 🙂 Did you get my text today?

  7. Texts seem to assimilate into the ether and its a mystery to all who send…whether such texts were seen and read…..:-)
    I prefer to guess that they are….
    In all seriousness, Rad…we all know you are busy and S T R E S S E D …..
    hope things find some sort of “level” soon….

  8. Hm. Well hopefully this one didn’t get eaten, as it said it was delivered successfully. This sort of thing can be trying so I expected to wait for a response.

  9. radagast Says:

    My problem with text messages and voice mails made during the day is that I work in a subbasement and get no signal at all. If I kept my phone on, it might get those messages delivered eventually but it would drain the battery doing it. That’s the reason that if a text message is sent at 11am, I won’t see it until I leave at 6 or so.

    Currently, I leave at six and go straight to the hospital. Then I go home and feel mentally destroyed. That’s pretty much it for me.

  10. I so SO hope it all gets ‘easier’ in some way, Rad. It’s awful to see you “chewed up” like this. Hang in there. You CERTAINLY have your friends!

  11. ps: pretty much teasing about the texts…I know you get ’em….

  12. I just sent you and Sandy an email about Saturday night. I think your munch idea is great. I’ll be out of town and not sure what time I’m getting in on Saturday – but if I can make it I will. I’ll definitely be at Paddles.

    See you Saturday!

  13. Rad,
    great idea!’ I’ll bring something for the “raffle” . And something sweet to give your Mom, to help her recovery, from PA.
    See you and sandy soon.

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